Chronicles of IRP

Freedom of Judiciary!!

I joined IRP in 2006 after receiving an Invitation from Arzoo. Later Arzoo joined one of my community (which is dead for almost an year lol).I used to post occasionally in the threads when Arzoo used to publicize her threads in my community.

Then in April/May 2007 I became a bit active. IRP was deleted at that time (Many of us know how it was deleted ) and I appreciate all the efforts mods did, specially I’ll recognize Salman’s efforts – not to forget Arzoo who used to continuously write to Orkut team for the recovery of IRP. In a 2 weeks time it was recovered. Whereas I remember one of the M-M’s thread entitled Salman ki Arzoo along with the initial post Salman ek roshan khayal arzoo rakhta hai

Osama was in mod panel back in early 2007, but was removed for some reasons as he himself was quite busy.

June 2007 to August 2007:

IRP Ghost came into scene and started showing his expertise. We had a massive chat room at that time. As there was just one chat room, there was no spamming issue on IRP. All the chit chatters of IRP used to gather in one Chat Room for Chats. From IRP Chat Room,I made loads of good friends, Hina baji, Kamran bhai, Sana Aslam, Mehek sis, Nadia, Warren, Fatima, Hassan, Raza, A-B, Hask, Salman (not mod), A-B, Illusion, Sharjeel, Saad (mod), Umer bhai, AA .. There are loads of others (sorry if I miss any). About IRP mods, I interacted with them through different ways.Abid bhai, J-A, Raja through Brazil Chat Room, with Osama when his profile was hacked, Saad through IC370 when we used to have peaceful mission on IC370 he used to be my partner.

IRP Ghostly activities remained hiked during this period. We kept creating Chat Rooms and whenever it crossed 3000-4000 posts, it always got deleted. One of our Chat Room crossed 50,000 + posts that one was created by Saad and it was deleted.

There was this Lal Masjid Issue and IRP was always full of threads on this Issue & predictions.

Some KP’s in June 2007 had a fight with Arzoo on Pakistan community own by a guy name Rizwan. KP’s announced that they won’t join IRP as it’s own by an Indian (Arzoo) lol .. It was disappointing though the way KP’s abused Arzoo Later they apologized as what I heard. Anyways, that was past.

In August 2007, there was a massive attack of HMG’s. Osama’s profile was hacked at that time. Everyone used to wait for Arzoo online.

On 4th August, 2007, Arzoo came online all of a sudden with this thread:

She made this thread and went off as usual.

On August 19th, 2007 she came online and Salman caught her through some way and there was this thread he quickly created to make Riz and Jan-e-Alam as mod.

Arzoo added Rizwan bhai and Jan-e-Alam as mod, and vanished without doing anything else. Osama was removed from panel before more damage happened.

Things were good and IRP was best. Though Ghostly activity remained a part of IRP’s Tradition.

IRP was booming on 14th August 2007. Many members including me, Hask etc used to track HMG trolls and reporting to mods and further mods used to hunt down HMG trolls by banning them substantially It was all fun days. Some conflicts b/w mods was resolved:

September 2007 – December 2007:-

In September, the most active IRP became a bit less active since School/College/Universities was started once again after vacations. But it didn’t really influenced the activeness of IRP. It always remained on top in my Joined Communities list, members posting in every single minute.

It was late September or early October (can’t remember exactly), Arzoo suddenly came online again and posted in a thread where I was having a controversy with one Indian. I told Arzoo to have some strict Policy. She went offline.

And how can I forget .. That Chooran video and Nara-e-Chooran was started during this same period. MQM vs Anti MQM Fights and teasing from both ends. It was fun though But later this fun became too excessive and started influencing IRP.

Ohh yeah, how could I forget the imposition of Emergency in Pakistan on 3rd November 2007. Once again, she came online, posted a thread:

And after making this thread, she vanished again.

On 19th December 2007, it was found that Arzoo’s Owner profile is banned from IRP. There was some script used for it, later she was unbanned by some other trick. That was also one hot issue on IRP.

On 28th December 2007, once again Arzoo came online, added me in the panel and went offline without replying. Always remained a mystery.

January 2008-May 2008:-

IRP remained hiked with all MQM/Anti MQM activities, hot discussions about BB’s murder, upcoming Elections etc. Every single member proved himself to be a good Political Analyst.

On 15th February, 2008, arrival of Arzoo once again. IRP Parliament was created by Arzoo then. Sabih was reinstated back on 17th February, 2008. Arzoo announced of IRP Elections for the Mod.

On 10th March 2008 Elections were held and Tanzeel won by substantial margin and was made the mod. Initially, Tanzeel tried to prove himself the most efficient and sooner it affected his status. Spamming Issue was one of them. Slowly and steadily Tanzeel started acting well whereas sometimes he never booted out his efficiency of working all alone, suo moto controversial steps etc., He was taught by other mods meanwhile and he learned too. Things went good anyway. For two more months IRP Elections were held and Yasser bhai and A-B was inducted in the panel after the won by good majority. All of them performed well.

AnGel, she was made mod on April 11th, 2008. She unexpectedly performed very well during her 1 month tenure and proved her skills.

After 11th May, 2008, Arzoo again became inactive. Ab pata nahen kub aati hain online :S

Again, Ghostly activity remained high during all this period šŸ˜¦ .. On 1st July 2008, Ahsan revoked his modship because of this Ghostly Issue. Well, he shouldn’t have done that, but I hope he’ll be reinstated back

Then we had this Altaf Hussain/Imran Khan/Nawaz Sharif Fan Clubs which created a lot of mess on IRP. A lot of fights originating from those threads and later influencing IRP in a bad way. Those threads were ceased to control the mess. Ceasing those threads worked well then.

During all this time, I remained close to IRP and found it another Home Sweet Home, we fight, we jokes, we’ve fun then, we fight again and then fun .. Though we’ve a lot of intolerant members on IRP and I can just request them to have some patience while replying. Act sensibly .. Anyways, I’ve repeated these things over and over again. Have seen some change too.

While I’m thankful to many members like Salman who always helped me while taking right decisions as he’s one experienced member of IRP, Rizwan bhai who always good with me, Abid bhai, jinhoon ne ban button ka deedar karlia shukar hai, but us ka istemaal kum hi kartey hain , Raja, he’s also one good friend. He’s not the way he’s on IRP, so don’t mind him what he says , Sabih, I admire him for many reasons. The time when he revoked his modship back in August 2007, I became his fan Though we’ve different ideologies, but it doesn’t affect anything and still he’s good. A-B, one nice friend and he proved his skills, learning from other mods, Yasser bhai, one gem person. Loads of respect for him Tanzeel, he’s a nice guy, sometimes consider himself most efficient, but everyone has flaws, so well, he’s Ok too. Ahsan, one another good friend.

A long list of friends .. Can’t mention everyone since it’s really too long. Just few whom I’m thankful for many things.

Hina baji,
Usman bhai,
Fawad Ahmed,
Sana Aslam,
Ubaid bhai,
Furqan bhai,
Ayesha (Out of)
(include all the mods )
Ali Qureshi

Some good debaters and active members on IRP:

Usman (Aqua)
Maryam Malik
Salman (mod)
Ahmed (Lord of Shadows <<>>)
Ali Yaldram
Muhammad Assad

etc etc ..

And many many … Sorry if I miss anyone. Yahan sarey hi ek se barh kar ek hain lol

In the End:-

Happy Birthday IRP šŸ™‚

And Congratz to Arzoo (who’s missing again). Today IRP again reached to 40,000 members, for the 3rd/4th time I guess.

Happy Independence Day, Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam, Flag of Pakistan

Today we’re Miles apart;
Doesn’t matter if the Oceans are in between;
Doesn’t matter if my Soil is at a Distance of few Hours;
I just want to Reach across the Miles;
To Smell the Aroma of my Land;
And stand ahead the winding Flag;
And say I’m thinking of You in a Very Special Way;
Happy Independence Day, Pakistan!

~Dedicated to all overseas Pakistani’s~

By: Absar