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We remain
Think for our selves
For ponderers?
Who cares?
They feel
They cry
Then become quiet
Yes, paupers
Suppress them
We’ve wealth
They’ve poverty
We’ve huge laughter
They’ve little happiness
They join us
Vice versa is rare
We seek laden Eidis
They seek little company
They asked us
We remained for ourselves, pious
They again
By smiles
We refused
Like carried off the flies
Don’t forget them
We’ll be questioned
They’ll remain unquestioned
Who’ll be better?
Here we’re etchers

By: Absar

(This Poem was written on 2008 Eid-ul-Fitar and dedicated ‘particularly’ to the 400,000 poor migrants of Bajaur who fled Bajaur due to savage Military Operation there, and ‘generally’ for the paupers we see around ourselves who need a little attention of ours so that they don’t feel discriminated at this religious occasion. )


Marriott hotel – Isloo blast

20th September, 2008 — I was in the train getting for work and as usual was exploring web on my cell phone. While I opened bbcurdu, there was this monumental blast news in Isloo I read – more details were awaited to be uploaded soon. It was appalling though I didn’t know till that time that the catastrophe is so massive. Once again I started contemplating with so many “Whys?”

I reached at work and turned on the web Geo quickly. Simultaneously, I started contacting all my friends and acquaintances living in Islamabad to know whether they’re safe or not — See how concern a man is when his closed ones are under a potential menace whereas the real sorrows of the families and friends of those who suffer from such catastrophe are inexplicable :S My all the friends and acquaintances were AlhamduLillah safe. From them I got to know the real happening of the blast. Although living around 8 miles away from the targeted place, they told that the blast shook their homes, and again I was traumatized for some seconds and started figuring what drat damage a 2000Kg explosives could cause at the place of incident :S

The news channels and the websites started giving live coverage and text-based news – which I read and watched out all, ad nauseam, were making me dejected more. I never lost hopes on which I’m entirely based.

Government’s officials one by one started turning up on media with the usual practice of “Condemnation”. What was new? They rant and we pay heed. We do – merely because the hopes are not forlorn. Someone go and tell the stupes that these single line condemnation phrases are now out-dated, at least in Pakistan – bring something new and for Allah’s sake stop duping the Nation more 😡 Wish they value – life, a appeasing smile on the face of Nationals, and foremost the face that’s filled with tears 😦

The Chooran lord – A hole on the chin and a red passport in hands and the full demonstration of 32 teeth.

Mustache-feudal Zardari – Who can’t even spell/write the few words right is a President. Out of the Adiala Jail panned into the President House. Our luck, perhaps we deserve :S

Nawaz Shariff – Twice tested and a failure.

Maulana Diesel – The tummy is always filled with healthy chicken. He should exclaim for theocracy rather than democracy, hypocrite .. eh!

These are those unfortunately fortunate leaders to which we grant permission to lead the Nation by giving votes by ballot. What kind of Democracy is it :S A democracy is where the educated would make wise decisions as representatives of the uneducated. Here the case is different. We (educated) vote the uneducated ones (morally uneducated) and happily elect those leaders who become a cause of ruination of Nation later on. They are no less than wretches, hothead wretches that sucks the blood like a leech. This pattern is there for last 61 years. We never learnt from our mistakes *Sigh*.

After midnight at around 1:15 AM, the honorable President decided to demonstrate an address to the Nation and mourned ahead the cameras and the Nation. Precisely for one and a half minute appearance our honorable President made, felt grief and signed off. He did a brilliant job. At least he ceased the mouth of some cynics![/sarcasm]

Remember, the Nation is doomed who never learn from the mistakes. Nevertheless, it’s even not too late to take a right decision. Two things can’t be snatched at least from me – Smile & Hopes. Smile could be lost temporarily but not the Hopes. I just Hope for the Best as always 🙂 May Allah keep Pakistan safe from all the green-eyed personages – May Allah bring all of us to some sanity – May Allah keep Pakistan intact – May Allah Bless Pakistan. Aameen

Justice Shall Prevail

When omitting
The Sighs
Those Sorrows
Then for peace
Justice shall prevail

When omitting
The fierce
Those tears
Then for peace
Justice shall prevail

When omitting
The unleashed looters
Those murderers
Then for peace
Justice shall prevail

When omitting
The lynches by Guns
Those rashes by Fires
Then for peace
Justice shall prevail

When omitting
The Brutalities
Those Instabilities
Then for peace
Justice shall prevail

When omitting
The Nations hamper
Those Nationals are sleepers
Then for peace
Justice shall prevail

By: Absar