And Finally, IRP back to us

Aah! From where should I start.

21st January 2008 — Around 8:50 AM PST, IRP was given back to us – and at long last – we demonstrated over again that we haven’t been taught to give up!!

December 28th 2008 to January 21st 2009 — 24 days since IRP was hacked. How I spent those days – if I start penning down the feelings of every single moment – it’d fill out loads of pages, truly! So let’s shorten it.

28th December 2008 — when we made a thread at Google groups – Orkut about the hacking of IRP. Till that time the only platform from where expected the sole help was Google groups. Ab initio, we didn’t get any affirmative response from Orkut Guides and Orkuteers, and that was out of the blue. We kept on raising our voice in Salman’s thread with a warm hope that someone will pay heed to our complain. Finally, we got one affirming response from one of the Pakistani Orkuteer Aaliyaan. He looked in to our case and for being a Pakistani and for IRP as the largest Pakistani representation at Orkut – he started helping us. Simultaneously, while all the period of time, we didn’t quit from raising our voice from Google groups – Orkut. To gain the attention of Orkut Guides and Google Admin – it was good to keep on voicing about IRP.

While we initiated our efforts from 28th December, Mahwish made a community entitled “Luddi Hay Jamalo Pao” and invited IRP Admin and relevant members there including Salman, Rizwan bhai, Usman bhai, Abid bhai, Yasser bhai, M-M and Ahsan. There, we started devising our strategies about how to regain IRP, and simultaneously, how to manage the Cricket converted IRP. We did discuss a lot on that platform too. It helped us a lot in successfully managing new IRP along with ideas how to get our genuine and beloved IRP back.

During all this efforts, Mahwish also came up with one another option that was one another reliable way of getting IRP back. [Few bits better remain undisclosed here]

Now the issue started how to bring Arzoo online. [Few bits better remain undisclosed here]

Meanwhile, whatever I could do I did – for approaching Arzoo and make her come online. It failed yet. I tried a lot … [Few bits better remain undisclosed here]

In the meantime, we kept on doing our efforts days and nights. Mahwish remained in contact with his friend.

On the other end, Aaliyaan kept on doing his best efforts.

Once during all 24 days of HMG Controlled IRP, one of the IRP Member “Zubair’s” efforts were successful and he was able to takeover IRP. It was just for a short while. HMG took IRP back from him in just few minutes using that ‘gain ownership’ feature. IRPians were quite agitated.

It’s interesting to see that when IRP was hacked – few of the communities were renamed to ‘Pakistan’ & ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. Everyone wanted his IRP to be the most dynamic Pakistani community. Well, for more than Three long years, Original IRP i.e. 4494917 has sustained it’s status at Orkut as a well renowned and the most dynamic Pakistani community at Orkut. Since beginning, IRP has been a target of green-eyed monsters and other rivals and Indians. Anyway, temporarily IRP having 5000 members persisted as a dynamic community even after IRP was hacked.

[Few bits better remain undisclosed here]

During IRP hacked time period, Cyber War between Pakistan & India remained at hike. Pakistani hackers always did a retaliation. It’s HMG always who struck first – and to defend ourself, we, Pakistanis, do need to retaliate too. Pakistanis hacked different communities as well – just it always remained a defensive strike.

All these 24 days, I slept less and stayed online most of the time. It was merely a perplexing situation what to do and what not to do. Anyway, I did sacrifice a lot for IRP, my sleeps, my poor diet, and couple of my uni lectures. All these 24 days, remained in distress about IRP.

We kept ‘Luddi’ community alive and kept on discussing things there. Daily Msn conferences, team-work of us and efforts and hopes to gain IRP before long.

IRPians kept on asking about the updates about IRP’s retrieval. What we had? Just hopes – unfeigned and dedicated hopes – which we kept on giving to IRPians

IRPians did express a lot of their concern for IRP. Without IRP, they remained sad too during all this span of time.

Some of the members apart from Admin who expressed their a lot of concern about IRP are: Hina baji, Khurram bhai, Fatima behen, Meer bhai, Najam bhai, Nasir, Jawad bhai, Raza, Biya baji, Roshni, Sami, Sana baji, Mehek sis, Dee Jay, Needo, Lala, Ayesha, Ali (Tipu), Illusion, Ubaid bhai, Taha, Saad Khan, Nadia, Aisha, Casper, Notch, Haseeb, Afat, Observer, Kranti and loads and loads of other members including Renata.

Once, Aaliyan took over IRP using Arzoo’s ex-co-owner profile. That moment was full of happiness for me. My hands were trembling too while I was chatting in conference. HMG’s took over IRP again in few minutes. Smiles vanished again!

On 17th January 2009 — Again Aaliyaan took over IRP, but then unfortunately due to load-shedding – things were interrupted and we lost IRP again. We all were a bit agitated too after this loosing IRP once again – but yet we never lost hopes.

Then on 21st January 2009, while Usman bhai was leaving to home, he told me to Pray for IRP – now we’ve good hopes to get it back within a day or two. And I did Pray!

Around 8:50 AM PST – Mahwish messaged me on msn and asked me to post at IRP quickly. By that time – I understood IRP is in our hands. I, without any delay and at once, opened IRP and made a thread there. My hands were trembling too much. It was just so awesome and pleasant feelings I can’t put into words. Trembling lasted for 10 minutes almost. It’s just inexplicable to define those moments. She added me in the panel and I immediately started tidying up the mess HMGs brought forth in 24 days.

Mahwish did fantabulous in managing things initially. She did a good thing by giving all the Online IRPians the chance to release their frustration by adding them in the panel time to time and permit them to ban illegal Indian immigrants on IRP!

In just one and a half hour time – we wiped off almost 90% of the HMG and illegal Indian immigrants from IRP by demonstrating an excellent teamwork. All junk threads from 28th December till 21st January were spammed too.

During all this time, IRPians kept on making Congratulations threads including Party threads and Jashan Threads etc. lol. Everyone was enjoying after getting back to Home Sweet Home. I too made ‘Welcome Home” thread and “Lets have some Gulab Jamuns” Thread lol. The expressions, the joy and the unity of IRPians and the feelings of being contented amongst members was at apex. It was making me feel so good I can’t put into words.

While we got IRP back, I started sending text messages to couple of IRPians by Congratulating them that IRP is eventually back to us.

IRPians started scrapping me and congratulating me. Everyone’s happy.

Salman was in office at that time so he wasn’t able to log in Orkut. He was badly missing IRP. On msn, he kept on asking me to give the screen-shots of IRP and the ongoing threads on IRP, as well as the reaction of HMG’s at HMG community lol. And I kept on giving him screen-shots on msn.

I was enjoying a lot being at Home Sweet Home – – IRP

Remained busy at IRP the whole day, on msn as well.

I was extremely lethargic since I didn’t sleep properly for last 3 days just for IRP. Just slept for hardly 5 hours altogether in 64 hours. The environ of happiness and joy at IRP didn’t permit me to leave too – after IRP was in our hands. I was just waiting for Salman to come online and make that Official Congratulation thread which he on msn told me he’ll make as soon as he gets back home from office.

At night, Salman made Official thread about the memories, events and efforts for IRP we did in last 24 days. I participated in that thread. Wrote my views. Was feeling so felicitous.

Then finally, I thought I should take a nap for 2-3 hours and then will get online again. We were having msn conference at that time. I told everyone now it’s time for me to catch a peaceful sleep after 24 long days so me off now. I went off, though I wanted to stay – but was lethargic enough. I wouldn’t have been able to make my mind function properly even if I had stayed online. So I thought now it’s better to catch a short sleep

These 24 days without IRP and the efforts and crave of getting IRP back, the memories, the msn conferences, the teamwork and each and everything from A to Z – it’ll remain in my mind for a long time to come. Ultimately, IRP was saved 🙂