Youm-e-Iftikhar — The victory of Justice

Freedom of Judiciary!!

As the Aristotle said:

Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.

16th March 2009 — has become a red-letter day in the history of Pakistan. The day is marked with the great fortune for Pakistan when the Nation witnessed the Independence of Judiciary in the form of restoration of deposed Judges including the Chief Justice of Supreme Court — ousted during the dictatorial regime of General Pervez Musharraf on 3rd November 2007. After more than two long years and the interminable endeavors of Lawyers — resulted in the reinstatement of Judges — has made Pakistanis enthralled and turned their caprice to begin with a new future of nation with more devotion and optimism.

1400 years back, there was a society where rich and poor, friend or foe, Muslim or Non-Muslim, the rule and the ruled — all were treated equally. Each of them would count on Judiciary. The management was strong — and the Justice was satisfactory enough. Then a downfall of Justice occurred. Even during this downfall we saw some of the precedents which entails that the Justice on the land of Allah wasn’t yet obliterated completely. Once, when British used to rule over sub-continent, a dispute of some land arose between Muslims and Hindus. Hindus laid a claim that the land belonged to a temple while Muslims laid a claim that the land belonged to a Mosque. Both the groups were trying to be eminent in claims and prove their due rights. The British Judge was bewildered and confused to announce the final result so he asked both the groups if they could accept the testimony of a third person who’s known as pious amongst both the groups. The third person was a Muslim. The entire Muslim community urged him to help them win the case by giving a testimony in favor of them. The pious man would never do so. He briefly reviewed the case and gave a final proclamation in favor of Hindus.

That’s the Justice we need today and for the same Justice — today, we see Pakistan with a different aspect. Long before — 61 years back when this Nation got independence and till to-date — it has always fought for the Independence of Judiciary. Lawyers have given so much of the sacrifices to acquire the independence of this grand institution. Not only Lawyers, the civilians of Pakistan have sacrificed majorly and fought considerably for this great cause. The supporters during the Lawyers Movement were aimed by violence and vehemency, the brutality and cruelty, apprehended and jailed, and what not. Yet these things never derailed the aim of the supporters of this great cause, and they brave out such difficulties. At this phase, I feel like quoting Allama Iqbal — One of the verse from the conversation between Hazrat Jibrael AS and Ibless: Kar gaya sarmast mujh ko toot kar mera saboo — Which means: The loss I have suffered, has increased my passion more. I feel it’s the same example conformed to the Lawyers Movement. They were duped, they rose. They were suppressed, they rose. They were beaten yet they rose again. Their aim was one, their vision was clear, their demands were long promised, their support was bulky. The verge of loosing was never near to them — in fact it can never be. They had the blessings of “Justice” which always win ultimately. And finally they won. They set upped example — example of dedication to the truth and a valor.

The Nation has great hopes from them. The clouds of despair were rising above the country, the hopes were near to forlorn — but now people are greatly optimistic to see a spectacular change. Now this change can’t come overnight. But sure, the change is on it’s way now. It has started from 16th of March 2009. We’ll see this change in a time to come – InshaAllah.

As Allama Iqbal said:

Zamaney key andaaz badley gae;
Naya raag hai saaz badley gae

The Fashions of the age turn round,
From new tuned strings, new harmonies sound

The new tuned strings and the new harmonies that will sound will be good enough to live with – InshaAllah!!

Pakistan Zindabad!! Long live Islamic Republic of Pakistan!!

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