Always and ever be thankful to your Lord


Sometimes in our life we determine that there’s no way out of the ongoing problems. Sometimes we forget the commands of our Lord Allah SWT and go into the state of desperation. While Allah Himself says that O my creature, the desperation is a sin – I’m always with my creation.

Human’s nature is very much complicated yet inexplicable. The power of human’s mind granted to him by Allah SWT can do marvelous things which sometimes we ourselves can’t anticipate we could do that.

When we come to this world, we’re absolutely flawless and inexperienced so as dependable on Allah. We grow up and keep on learning different things from time to time. Since the very first day of our birth – Allah remains with us. He never leve His creature alone. We start building faith on Him and sometimes we’re misguided by evil force of Satan and we get derailed. Even at that time Allah never leave His creature alone. He gives chances after chances to His creature so that he can rectify his mistakes. Sometimes we even do severe mistakes in life – may be because of lack of knowledge or experience or may be intentionally – but Allah remains with us to guide us. It’s just our heart and mind that needs to accept that only Allah SWT can make us get out of any trouble or problem. Only Allah is the source of forgiving our bad deeds and mistakes. If at anytime in life we adopt our faith on Allah and starts believing on Him fully and trust him – for He is the one who gives Hidayat and power of sense to conceive and categorize things right and wrong – we would never get derail from the righteous path that leads to success.

Everyone does mistakes. Few feel shame and pity on themselves after the mistake is done. They actualize the mistakes, but they repeat it over again. Allah is so forgiving, compassionate and merciful that He always accepts our Prayers once we go ask from Him to forgive and gives us the mightiness so we may not repeat them again. Allah always forgives His creature even we deceive Him so many times. Why He forgives is because He loves us too much – a love that is more than the love of a mother – and too a love that is 70 times more than the love of a mother. Subhan’Allah.

We should be thankful to Allah for what we’ve today and we should always ask Him in Prayers to give us Hidayat to choose the righteous path and give the strength of patience and power and ability to remain thankful to Him in all the times in life.

I’m very much thankful to Allah for what I’ve today and I ask Him in Prayers to give me the best and make me and all people succeed in life and hereafter. Aameen

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