Guerillas in the North-East of Pakistan

All the adults, some amateurs and youngsters must have been known with the worst situation in Karachi. In the west – Talibans are fighting against the government and NATO Forces. In the North-East of Pakistan – the guerillas are fighting. Fighting against whom is the question? Tickle your mind to comprehend. You shouldn’t tickle it and you don’t need to tickle such a precious gift of God if you’re a Guerilla obsessed protagonist.

Guerillas are dangerous. They snatch comfy sleeps, often smiles as well. They snatch many other things too. They do snatch handy phones, they snatch lives as well. Heavens!! Dangerous, aren’t day?

Guerillas induct innocents using a demagoguery card. This card is wide-spread used all over the country. But those guerillas who are situated in the North-East of Pakistan call themselves righteous-o-heaven – also have a special card to intimidate inhabitants. Falchion used to be use by the same Guerillas of early centuries in warfare. Due to modernization and globalization, they’ve adopted modern manners of intimidation. Of course history of coercing was different – but the affair and goals remained the same. A charge d’affaires used to be sent country to country to in order to make them bow down and give in, otherwise face the cruelty. Today, a bunch of charge d’affaires come to a Kingdom called United – to have been advised in a matinee how to bully inside the nation if their demands aren’t met by the ruling authority. The leader of the bunch of charge d’affaires is a charismatic person, a ball-shaped tiny miny person, a lobsterback, and a good singer as well. People including Guerillas love art and they pray for his long life – and pray that their age of life be given to him so that he can sing more well by practicing on daily basis. Protagonists believe that one day he might be able to conquer the nation through his artistic skills. God knows if He ever had made such cartoons conquer any nation. I believe in God, so I believe that miracles do happen.

Oh, the question remained unanswered as yet. North-East Guerillas are fighting against whom? They’re fighting against the fat-feudal, and our loyal innocent inhabitants basically belongs to the Western part of nation (Warning: not to be mixed with handful of miscreants). Charismatic leader along with guerillas and obsessed protagonists believe in appointing feudal as a President. May be some Political Mufti told the charismatic leader that the poor feudal isn’t fat – he’s just a feudal – so it’s fair to have him being a President, or may be the monarch of the United people living in a Kingdom – raised the eyebrows at charismatic leader that made him call feudal an acceptable Puritan – not even a fat-Puritan.

Let’s put down some crucial points addressing the history of the charismatic leader. Charismatic leader was born with a will – a wish to disseminate diabolism. One difference between him and Satan is Satan was being booted out from the place where he used to reside – Heaven – by God Himself . But the hapless charismatic leader made himself boot out from the place where he resided once. Charismatic leader fears that on his return to the country and the city where his students are busy spreading his mission – the receptive might make him depart to skies where God will judge his acts. Charismatic leader wants to live long – he doesn’t fear death. Another difference is, Satan feared God once whereas the charismatic leader never feared God. This is how charismatic leader is unique in its own way – lagging Satan behind.

The Guerillas in North-East of Pakistan are still busy in spreading the diabolic-peace taught by the charismatic leader to them. Guerillas believe that one day they’ll be able to fulfill their mission and will make charismatic leader happy. May God give sanity to our surpassingly sane people. Aameen

Warning 1: The write up is fully based on reader’s discretion.

Warning 2: Please do not mix the nomenclature of Guerillas with Obsessed Protagonists.

Warning 3: Do not need to feel offended. Instead, give obsession a pause – a pause with laughs.

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