From a Parachinar-ian — with pure Pakistani love

In the evening, I was sitting with one of my friend who basically belongs to Parachinaar. I was discussing critical situation in FATA and particularly about situation in Parachinaar with him. I usually discuss with him when we often sit together.

He’s a practicing Doctor here working on Cancer research – quite educated person. He’ll be going to Pakistan permanently after two weeks so I was just discussing about situation in his area. He was quite desperate while telling me the ground realities we often don’t get a chance to learn or left without learning due to our irresponsible and childish media.

I asked him about Talibanization in Parachinaar and the role of Pakistan Army. What he told me wasn’t surprising. He was telling me that Pakistan Army has no role to play in booting out of Talibans from Parachinaar. It was we, Tribals, who fought against Talibans – killing many Talibans and made many others leave out of the region. Pakistan Army stayed quiet – never come to help the Tribals. He was telling me that due to this war between local Tribal’s and Talibans, he has lost his 2 young cousins and one of his Uncle (Mammo). I was feeling sad for him.

Then he further apprised me of the situation telling that while local Tribal’s successfully booted out Talibans from their region, Parachinaar, Talibans harbored themselves in the adjoining region of Parachinaar. Now I don’t exactly remember the name of that place, but it was something like “Tal”.

He was telling me that since the time Talibans have positioned themselves in “Tal”, it’s impossible for the people of Parachinaar to make them self connect with the rest of Pakistan because there’s only one route to enter Parachinaar (which is via Hangu -> Orakzai Agency etc) and that is occupied by Talibans. Parachinaar’ians can’t trade/connect with the rest of Pakistan and vice versa. Army has been called for help several times by the people of Parachinaar, but Army hasn’t taken any proper action against Talibans – and it has been like almost an year and half now. People of Parachinaar became desperate – trying to connect themself to the rest of Pakistan. Neither Pakistani Army helped them properly in providing the basic resources, nor Government itself. Due to that they were compelled to make themself connect with Afghanistan and sought help from Karzai Government in order to receive basic resources from them. Now most of the resources are coming from Afghanistan – unfortunately not from Pakistan to which Parachinaar actually belongs to.

I asked my friend the reason why Army and Government doesn’t take interest and his response to me wasn’t surprising even. As per him, Army used to provide shelter to Talibans and still sometimes they do provide shelter to them. They (Army) don’t fight with Talibans the way they should – instead they mostly bring fake newses of fake deaths of fake Talibans who actually are innocents. The genuine militants are usually safe from the target of Pakistan Army.

He was telling me that Government/Army started a Helicopter service between Parachinaar and the other parts of Pakistan – but one trip would cost you Rupees 5000 – so it’s almost unaffordable for the people to avail this service too.

A lot of things he told me that goes against Army and Pakistani Government – but one thing that made me delight was that – even after so much sufferings, distress, and the bad response from Army and Pakistani Government – I never found my friend being Anti-Pakistan at any occasion and since the time I know him. On his lips was this sentence today: Being a Pakistani – a proud one – I’d richly wish to see my country standing on its own feet some day — of course pointing towards the poor policies and stratagem of Pakistani Government and Army.

2 Responses to From a Parachinar-ian — with pure Pakistani love

  1. khudieditor says:

    If the Army aggressively carries out an operation it is people like you condoning and maligning it. If the Army tries to lay low and and not interfere. Still people like are mud slinging.

    Stop criticizing for the sake of speaking and being heard. Learn to respect your armed forces, have faith in their decision. Such writings do good for no one.

    • Absar says:

      Look dear, I don’t support extremism. I would always prefer annihilation of such miscreants, but with a good army maneuvering along with fine governmental policies and imperialism.

      I love my army, but I don’t always love them personified as national killer often.

      You talking about faith on army/government? Pakistanis love living in delusion – because for them has died the inherited dignity seen before Independence. Welcome to Islamic Republic of Slave Pakistan.

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