Street of Peace and Love

What will come first in your mind with this name “Street of Peace and Love”? Have you ever heard about it? I’m sure almost all urbanites know about it. Ruralist are being left out for a pilgrimage to this street or as a whole – this city – since they’re primitive and uncultured – believed by people galore within one of the claimed socio-economic class of Pakistan – also call themselves most educated class within country.

Passing across this street, had a chance to look at it. A barrier was seen at one end of the street on which it was found written “Street of Peace and Love”. I made myself out of wonderment by laughing while thinking about this biggest fraud of 21st Century – a living fraud — and that too in such a big metropolitan city.

The Street may be having Peace and Love inside, but out – for the rest of the country it’s a disgrace to country’s name along with the others in same profession. But since this street has a big-name than others of its kind because of its unique nature, as one of the pious fugitive used to live here once upon a time – now his slaves — the street has its prominent name by virtue of the pious person’s deeds and moves.

I hope by now everyone must have understood which street was being addressed above.

Why is it a street of peace and love — now I’ve stopped laughing and seriously thinking how this street is actually proportional to its name.

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