Resentment against Pakistan’s nuclear asset

Countries with Nuclear Weapons

Is it a short-term bravery or just a political-spoof? — As of late DG ISPR brusquely iterated that US should stop worrying about Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal and should better take care of its weapons in Afghanistan which were found stolen and later it was noticed by Pakistan Army that the same stolen weapons are being used by the larcenist Talibans in Swat and FATA. To my astonishment further, DG ISPR Major General Athar Abbas also said the terrorists in FATA and Swat were getting material and financial support through the Afghan border and and some hostile foreign agencies are abetting them.

And today, I read this news which says India’s Army Chief iterated that world must put a pressure on Pakistan to restrict its nuclear capabilities – to which Islamabad responded that Pakistan is determined to maintain the nuclear deterrence since its rival India has also beefed up its conventional forces.

Including the Unites States and India followed by a number of other countries in the list – denouncing Pakistan’s Nuclear Program by saying that the wretched security condition in the country could endanger Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets. On the other side, the stealing of US weapons in Afghanistan by Talibans, and the number of separatist movements in India along with the lately witnessed poor security condition and terrorism manifests that none of these countries too are qualified to have nuclear weapon.

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  1. faisalattari says:

    good but work hard to achive his aims.and failure the anemies by courage and strong mind

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