Progression first, Philanthropy later or vice versa?

Yesterday, I read this news that a meeting of MQM delegation with President is underway regarding the funds demanded by MQM from Federal which will be spent on development work going on in Karachi. The meeting also discussed about IDPs and some other discussions.

The President showed a green-light and approved a number of 12 projects that include: building of parks, beautification of certain areas and tree-planting in the City Karachi. These projects after the valuing costs Rupees 22 billion.

So, as the Cowasjee says, let’s set the priorities first. And before that, let’s take an example to help setting up the priorities: If your garden needs attention whilst in your house you have a sick child, what is your first priority? — A question asked from Cowasjee.

It may seems a critical evaluation of MQM and President, and I don’t know if MQM will agree to it or not. To me, it makes a grand sense. The comparing of a sick child with the renovation and beautification of garden is a considerable example.

Should the ‘Green Karachi’ project not be slowed down, with money diverted to relief camps for those displaced persons who are seeking refuge? Yes, we must have the parks, but for the moment, until some sort of normalcy is returned to the country, they can be fenced in and measures taken to ensure that there are no encroachments. The large shady tree-planting, not an excessively expensive exercise, should go ahead forthwith. But it is the homeless and dispossessed who have sought hospitality who must take priority when it comes to spending the people’s money. [DAWN — Cowasjee’s article]

President Zardari was on official trip of begging globally. He was begging on the name of IDPs in particular and Pakistan in general — his bank accounts in both particular and general while it’s unknown how much he spent from his wealth. Zardari on his yesterday’s trip to Karachi pleaded the business community in Karachi to step to the fore and help IDPs wholeheartedly. This all he expressed, but again, none of us know how much is spent by ministers and president themselves.
Qamar Zaman Kaira lavishness
It has also come in to notice that one of the minister from PPP on his visit to US spent thousands of clams on luxury while his 3 million countrymen are homeless – living a very unfortunate life. These people are hopeless case – the retard politicos of our nation.

My personal opinion is, we should be helping dispossessed people more than elevating the developmental work. We can develop our country – our city in sometime in near future as well, but presently, the unfortunate 3 million people are contingent more upon the mercy of Allah and the attention and aid of His beings. At this phase of time, we should be giving them more attention and care than spending billions on developmental work.

PS: Some of the excerpt is taken from Cowasjee’s article “I own Karachi … and can sell it! – 3”.

Reference to excerpt:

2 Responses to Progression first, Philanthropy later or vice versa?

  1. AA says:

    “Green Karachi Project” not only has the Parks, but also includes Roads, flyovers, rehabilitation of Kachi Abadis, and so many other works to do.

    Secondly, everyone is getting a fair share (Provinces), if City Government is spending money on Karachi then what’s the big deal ? What about the billions of dollars government is getting from USA/Europe and overseas Pakistanis + donation campaign throughout Pakistan ?

    3rd, Mustafa Kamal has to windup all his projects before local government elections due to held shortly, otherwise all his efforts will be in vain during elections days.

    • Absar says:

      I understand what you’ve said. And I laud the development work in Karachi and generally all over Pakistan. But then again, humanly, we should be giving a very major attention to 3 million IDPs rather than beautifying our cities. We sure can have these progressions in sometime to come after IDPs. If I see all these developmental projects in different cities from the eyes of a dispossessed person whose family isn’t getting enough support to survive, I may well start cursing government since it’s the responsibility of government to harbor them with all basic necessities — That’s my personal opinion and is also my first priority before any developmental work.

      PS: Article cites MQM because lately I’ve only read about MQM asking for funds from Federal. May be I missed anyone else — be it any political party, my opinion persists till the time IDPs status quo persists.

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