A National Victory in T20 Cup — A Political Victory With Hiccups

Pakistan's Victory in T20 Cup

Pakistan's Victory in T20 Cup

After 10 years on 21st June 2009 — I had to vivify my passion for watching cricket the same way it was ages back. In the 1999 worldcup when Pakistan lost in final, I abandoned watching cricket, in fact lost the interest in watching cricket. In the T20 series, I didn’t watch a single match; however, just to keep myself au courant what’s going on in the series I kept on checking cricinfo for scorcards ocasionally. And today, I watched the final with couple of acquaintances and siblings. The match indeed was thrilling. As the phrase goes: A good beginning is half the battle. Pakistani team fared well. I wonder how I was so exuberant while watching the match — I wasn’t, instrinsically. It ostensibly pushed me to the old memories. The last 3 overs were tickling. I was exclaiming: Boom Boom Afridi — It’s the time to show your striking skills. And hereupon, the 98 metres high six Afridi scored — Huge six by a huge sixer. I did feel a shiver in my spine: Here yo go Lala, rock-and-roll. Pakistan won, and I exclaimed with an overweening joy — Zabardast!!

People are happy all-around Pakistan and all those Pakistanis who are outside Pakistan. Pakistanis are happy as their team succeded in being carrying the day. It was a pyrrhic victory — in a sense that Pakistan won a major title after 17 years of falling behind in finals, semi finals and so. There was a kind of war dance in the streets of Pakistan just soon after Pakistan’s victory. People went crazy — some still are. I was galumphing around outside — just like Younis Khan along with his team was galumphing around inside the pavillion.

How could I miss a chance I got after years in Pakistan — of national jubilation. I was strolling around — seeing the celebration all-across. Jubilant Pakistanis all-across streets were chanting slogans: Pakistan Zindabad — Boom Boom Afridi — Dil Dil Pakistan — so on and so forth. Kids I saw at different places were singing “Dil Dil Pakistan” — the patriotic song of Pakistan listened and sung most frequently at such events. It was such nice moment to see all this live after years — to see the 100’s of winding flags of Pakistan ubiquitous. So that was all good — cool as it could be. I was winding my flag, wrapped in green and white too.

Something I came across that changed the cool state of my mind to irritation — the stupid political flags — 10’s of MQM flags carried by number of idiots. What can I expect from the idiot partisans near their HQ — Nine Zero as they say. A lot of idiots having a pillion ride were carrying MQM flags rather than carrying Pakistan’s flag. There were a number of cars I saw having flag of MQM rather than a Pakistani flag. Then as I got more close — I started hearing the stupid political songs of MQM instead of some patriotic tracks. It all changed my good mood and I started wondering, why would people do so? Is it a Political Victory or a National Victory? Is it a Political Achievement or a National Achievement? Is the T20 World Cup Victory belongs primarily to political parties rather than Pakistan? Was it all not stupid? Why can’t we just have jubilation under one flag rather than jubilating under different flags? I know that it’s not all about MQM. This is what I saw live so I’m underlining it here. It does happen in different parts of Pakistan. I saw many PPP flags too, moreover. The Jiyalas are stupid too. In the other parts of Pakistan, there sure would have been jubilant congregations under political party’s flags, and that’s just usual I know. Stupid partisans give major importance to their political party’s flag than the flag of Nation whom they’re residents of — the cliquish people we can find all over Pakistan, alas!!

I came back home. Not that I was tired — but I was rather not in a mood of seeing political flags that started to grew more and more.

Alright, that’s the Pakistan we live in. The nation gets some good news in ages, and then it’s celebrated in conformity to the unity that is more of Political than National.

Making myself to get avoid from listening furthermore political chants — I, hereby, request to chant with National Unity under one National Flag — Pakistan Zindabad!

Anyway, the kinda war dance is still going on in the streets of Pakistan. Victory is always glorious whether it be due to Chance or to Skill. And this time, Pakistani Team has warranted the Victory not just due to the Chance, but Skills as well. Way to go, Greens.

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