I Pray

Prayers for Pakistan

Prayers for Pakistan

I Pray
We regain the lost dignity of ours
The dignity which once patently belonged to our forefathers
But it does not belong to ours

I Pray
We understand there exist no provincial boundaries
The boundaries that divide our thoughts and aims
May we remove major and minor differences amongst

I Pray
We fulfill the ambition of Jinnah and Allama Iqbal
And all those who struggled in the freedom movement of Pakistan
To see this Nation one of the greatest nation in the world

I Pray
All the internal and external conspiracies proceeding against Pakistan come to an end
And we get unite to fight against the faction
May we dispatch it

I Pray
Our leadership of Pakistan become sincere to the nation
Pakistanis become sincere to the nation too
May Allah bring all of us to some sanity

I Pray
Instead of getting inspired by West
We make our own flourishing identity
And make world inspired by Pakistan and Pakistanis

I Pray
Corruption come to an end in Pakistan
Equity and justice prevail
May we learn to distinguish between right and wrong

I Pray
Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey Qadam Qadam Aabaad Tujhey

Aameen. Summa Aameen

~ Happy Independence Day ~

By Absar

3 Responses to I Pray

  1. N.A. says:

    Aameen! Lovely prayers. May they all be accepted for our country and nation. in sha Allah!

  2. Sumeet Kumar says:

    Aameen, May God Listen you and Fulfill all that you told in your Pray….

    and Nice Poem…

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