The Moon Dispute

Eid-ul-Fitr Crescent

Eid-ul-Fitr Crescent

Moon is a gift of God. It gives us light at night, it gives many the chances to take cold sighs specially during those nights when there’s a full phase of moon after the twilight. The moon has various benefits. Simultaneously, it’s also observed to announce the beginning of new Islamic months — particularly to observe the controversial crescent of Shawwal for the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr.

There was a time when to sight the moon people used to stand at their roof tops, in the lawn of Masjid, on the roads and in streets to sight the moon collectively. And when someone would have a glimpse of the sharp tenuous like crescent, he would shout: I saw it, I saw it — it’s there — see — there it’s. Can you see it? It’s going to be Eid tomorrow!!

Good thing was there used to be as such no moon sighting argle-bargle
like it is today. There was no importance of such Royat-e-Hilal Committee. The whole country used to celebrate it together, almost yes. And now since we left the twentieth century and entered into the era of modernization and globalization and in Pakistan to a greater extent provincialism, we’ve changed much of ourselves. The actual enjoyment of sighting the moon was with one’s own eyes and to exclaim with joy while galumphing around to celebrate the happiness of Chaand Raat, and then the excitement to feel finally it’s going to be Eid tomorrow — this taste has all gone acrimonious. Since modernization has become so vast, generally, people watch TV — the newses and latest updates — instead of watching sky, for the sighting of crescent.

If there are options to recommend as practicable for this particular occasion then they’d be either to abolish the Royat-e-Hilal Committee and let people go back to their old days — sighting the moon locally and celebrating nationally with solidarity OR the members of the board of trustees within the Royat-e-Hilal Committee should have multiple portable observation domes in different major cities of Pakistan to avoid future argle-bargle, while the Chairman of Royat-e-Halal Committee shouldn’t truss himself up at one place or one city while sighting the crescent.

As yet, what is being observed personally is that NWFP is being brushed aside while the witnesses for the moon sighting are taken into consideration, let alone its validation which seems to be a far-off entity.

The task of sighting the moon — to decide the fate of 170 million people going to celebrate Eid tomorrow or not — has been rendered to a handful of people who each year are failed to make a positive denouement i.e. remove the fraction by formulating a good hierarchy within their mode of working in provinces or cities. Each year, People of Pakistan hope to see all celebrating Eid happily with solidarity under a shade of 796,096 square kilometers of Pakistan. I wish the next time and and so forth we celebrate Eid together without any further argle-bargle over the moon sighting. Aameen!

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