Bullying: A Sign Of Strength Or Insecurity?



Ever since the world is created, a man has been asked and taught to learn and practice patience. A man has been asked to learn the laws of nature and above all laws of nature is the law of tolerance and honestness. Besides, ever since the time world is created, the traditional battle of good and evil continues inside the heart and mind of a man that disturbs the whole attitude and intention of him.

Before we understand the concept of bullying to categorize it in a basket of either strength or insecurity, we must understand that bullying is tolerable at some stages of life, let’s say the childhood where an immature kid has less idea of how he must react or retort. He often bullies his sibling. That kid has no pragmatic idea about bullying being his strength or does it define his insecurity towards his siblings. Simultaneously, he’s always taught to learn in school and at home the laws of nature and above all law is the law of humbleness, politeness, honestness and respect of humanity.

From the other point of view, there are people – grown-up and matured people – who understand very well the laws of nature and the basic teachings of the nature’s law, but unfortunately they’re often failed to comply with the rules of that particular ethic; and the one who fails to comply with any rule – a man-made rule or a nature’s rule – he’s in many cases termed as a morally weaker person. A morally weaker person is insecure. He’s likely to fail to comply with the laws. In terms of “bullying”, it’s just like saying that insecurity is a fire and bullying is its smoke. When the insecurity of a bully arises, we can see the smokes of bullying around ourselves.

Bullying is a sign of insecurity not only because of its relevance to the law of nature which seems so simple in calling, but in addition to that, it’s also because of the fact that bullying is often an animalistic display of dominance.

Bullying is an animal display, yes, but of insecurity. Pacifism is an intellectual display of strength. Let’s take an example. It is easy to throw the first punch or throw one back and it is easy to run away and hide. Strength isn’t about who can beat up whom. Strength lies in the courage and conviction to stand up to such violence without letting yourself become a part of it. It takes strength to do the hard thing, to walk away. Strength is not in having the animal ability to hurt another but choosing, instead, the human capacity for intelligence and turning the other cheek.

Why bullying is juxtaposed with the traits of animals is due to the fact that animals know no other way. They’re not civilized; they’re not intellectually capable of tackling the situation in a civil way as compare to human. And for this very reason we term the intellectuality of human with animal as brain over brawn.

Bullies are always coward at heart. The strength of Human is his brain; hence the strength of human is pacifism, as said before, and not the bullying.

Just a few days back, an old friend of mine – a child hood friend in fact – has been bullied by his landlord for no reason – a literal no reason. He, just once, ‘requested’ his landlord not to throw rubbish outside his home. Later, my friend was pounded by his landlord too, again just for literal no reason. ‘Requesting’ someone for something, if anything, isn’t a worthwhile reason to bully someone or to pound him.

I wrote this because I reached a point in my conscience where I felt that we SHOULD stand against such bullying, socially and politically, without exception of either. This is just one example. Such socially and politically pertinent events should be rooted out from our system.

A few days back, I was standing outside some where away from my home waiting for a friend. It was a quiet place, dark, and I was just strolling short hither and thither waiting while I saw a cat came out of somewhere. The stray cat actually was lame – hobbling and probably was trying to find some food to eat. I stood and watched. Besides, a dog came out of somewhere. Dog was watching the cat and my eyes were both towards stray dog and cat. The cat passed by just no less than a feet away from the dog, and to my astonishment, the stray dog didn’t bark at the cat neither it tried to cause any harm to the cat. Cat’s bravery, to me, was amazing too. Or perhaps the cat was confident that the dog wouldn’t cause any harm to her because of her poor condition – lameness. And I started mulling that a dog can understand the pitiable condition of a cat so it didn’t bother the cat. In usual cases, dog does bother cat or at least it does bark at her. I was seriously wondering of our humanness that we never miss a single chance to loot or disturb a poor or weaker person – bullying, in short term. But then, in this contemporary world, even animals have become better than human or at least they can show some mercy on other animals having pity condition. Sigh – and our humanness is mutilated – that too by no other than ourselves.

PS: It’s upon readers discretion to learn how bullying conforms to the diversified social and political culture of Pakistan.

11 Responses to Bullying: A Sign Of Strength Or Insecurity?

  1. Xenia Rybak says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am graduate student at Bank Street College of Education in New York City. As part of my graduation requirement, I am preparing an independent study on adolescents in the hospital and would like to request permission to include a copy of the following material: an image of a child being bullied by two children.

    Title: Bullying: A Sign of Strength or Insecurity

    Author: My Disgusted Sense

    Journal Title, Issue, Year, Pages: November 5, 2009

    Type of reprint: photocopy

    Use: To be used as an illustrative material

    Two copies of each independent study are placed in the Bank Street Library. One of the copies is available for general circulation and for inter-library loan.


    Xenia Rybak

    • Absar says:

      Dear Xenia,

      Sorry for a late response. You sure can use the material. There’s certainly no copyrights issue.

      Let me know if I can get my hands on the online version of your work/research in which you’re to cite my essay.


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  3. dear friend can you extend your help to me regarding my topic for research (bullying as a social problem in secondary schools.

  4. May i cit your material in my research?

  5. Josh Deloit says:

    Bullying, regardless of whatever the reason may be, is bad in my opinion. Bullies need to stop taking out their anger on kids smaller than them in size/popularity/etc. Instead, they need better outlets for their anger/uncontrollable emotions. visit BULLYFIGHT.COM to hear out MMA fighters talk about their perspectives on bullying and different ways of taking out your anger(through boxing, mma, etc). check it out and PLEASE share with those that might be involved in a bullying cycle.

  6. B in Dallas says:

    I was hoping for an arguement of strength vs. weakness/insecurity that was less intellectual, and not filled with obscure references to dogs/cats and false equations such as brain=pacifism. While I agree with your premise, I will continue looking for substantiating research/opinions.

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