Poor Man’s Voice

They say: A poor man’s voice is never heard. One country in South Asia is so poor that its voice is also never heard in last 60 years or so. Or perhaps I’ve said something wrong. Corrigendum: How its voice can be heard when it actually had never voiced on it up until now?

A friend asked me, “While we’ve no choice left except to select one in the lot of evil, what would we do except that to opt for a lesser evil in the lot?” I ask them, “How could we be so naive to support and assert the system run by the evils? Do we not have an option to boycott the system — and ostracize the looters of nation? Is it too much laborious to do for our nation?” Or at least we can try to be bit vocal against the illegal or dishonest behavior of our elected leaders instead of saying we lack with the options of true leadership so let’s opt for a lesser evil in the available lot. A few minds of respective political leadership are the decision makers, but there’s no decision making echelon.

During the time of such distress and desperate straits in our country, I’ve even seen people raising offers that infallibly suggest the disintegration of Pakistan. Exactly similar to that, I found someone saying that the troubled and lawless areas of Pakistan like FATA should be disbanded from Pakistan. Might I ask them: Lest you forsake that FATA terrain, which it’d belong to? Would you just give it to US-led Nato Forces or would you seam it with Afghanistan as a charity or what? Or would you just pull out all your forces back from the region and let the nasty and barbaric games prevail there? Will it not make our strategic position at stake if we take such an inexpedient step?

Okay, I denounce the loss of innocent lives, simultaneously I want to see peace too in those region. Can we’ve the peace without having such barbaric games in those areas — be the games played by TTP, Pakistan Army, Nato Forces, ISI, CIA or anyone.

There are a number of such suggestions ventilated daily. These suggestions concerning the disintegration of Pakistan investigate the fact that there still are such parallel elements in our country that are failed to accept the existence of Pakistan; there still are people who talk about fraction, violence, extremism.

A few days back, an American Army Major, who was (fortunately or unfortunately?) a Muslim, went on a killing spree in one of the American biggest Military post. 13 people died, out of which 12 were servicemen and 1 was civilian; Innocent civilian, innocent servicemen? When we, or anyone, regret or don’t regret the loss of innocent lives — I ask whose life isn’t innocent? We all are innocent. People did rejoice over the loss of lives. The concept that killing solves anything must be retired. Major Nidal’s actions will now spark more resentment and prejudice against the U.S. Muslim population. It is this same prejudice that Major Nidal reported to his relatives that made him so crazy — crazy enough to kill. So now his actions will spawn more violence. Where does it end? When everyone from one gene pool is dead? Then, those who remain will turn on each other. Violence begets violence. But this is unnecessary and uncalled for to warrant killings, be it done by U.S. Army or Blackwater or Major Nidal or Pakistan Army.

This doesn’t end here. I was talking about an old saying: A poor man’s voice is never heard. What is the term ‘poor man’ implying? It doesn’t talk about a financially deprived man. But it’s squarely talking about a frail man — a man deprived of moral understandings. Kerry-Lugar bill, which aims to provide billions of dollars to Pakistanis — would it uplift us from this sort of poorness to richness? Before we go on thinking constructively about the ways to improve our socio-economic structure, we need to understand that a poor man’s voice is really never heard.

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