Disintegrated Dreams

Education Budget

Education Budget

What qualification do we actually need to call a spade as spade? What’s that state of mind when we call a spade a spade? Hah! Forget it. It’s a wrong question to start with the wrong nation.

I always wonder Pakistan has an innate talent since creation still Pakistan doesn’t progress. Instead we’re regressing day-to-day. Loads of things always pop in my mind while I think about the reasons, causes, cases, mistakes and practices. And today it once again popped in my mind while I read a news in Jang newspaper, edition of 17th November 2009 about a financially deprived student name Naila who wants to pursue her studies in a medical college after securing excellent marks in Inter and further clearing the medical aptitude test too, but she has been badly brushed off by elites, jet-sets, government and foremost we, ourselves I believe. After reading the short news, I reached a point in my conscience where I felt that we need to accent the truths and yet learn at the same time about the facts pioneering progression and regression in our country.

I’m flabbergasted that such phenomenal talent of financially deprived students in Pakistan is, if anything, cold-shouldered. I’m sad to learn that neither the Medical College offered Naila for a scholarship. This is bad. If no one is helping her out, I expect our NGO’s at least to step to the fore and help this student Naila.

For more reference, you can check the Jang Newspaper edition of yesterday, i.e. 17th November 2009. I found a link online, You may check it: http://www.jang.net/jm/11-17-2009/images/06_22.gif

Educational budget of Rs. 31 billion, comprehensively, was disbursed by government for the ongoing year. While the spending on war each year is much high. Defense budget for the ongoing year is Rs. 345 billion. Phenomenal, isn’t it? Just like Matthew Hoh, a former Foreign Service officer and former Marine Corps captain who last month became the first U.S. official known to resign in protest over the Afghan war, said: We’re mortgaging our country’s economy on war. We’re spending ourselves into oblivion.

Are we not doing the same speculative thing, I ask? We’ve top notch talent in Pakistan, but unfortunately it’s derelict because disbanding some 50,000 to 60,000 Tajiks, Uzbeks and Arabs is our priority. Where are they coming from? Exactly not tumbling from air whereby parachutes. Can we not spend finally and forever this much on stockading just like Iran has started building a concrete wall on Pakistan-Iran 700 km border and just like Pakistan-India border which is almost 2,900 km long and is secured with walls, barbed wire fences and barricades stretch almost half the 2,900 km of boundary line.

In the general balance of things, we’ve quite a number of strategies to follow, yet it’s not followed. Nuclear technology, sabre rattling, rhetoric and cliches of our leaders — this all doesn’t serve any affirmative purpose. This country still remains as a protectorate after several years. Being a country having nuclear technology, we still are ranked on number 11 on the 2009 Failed States Index with conscience-stricken score of 9.5 out of 10 in the rating of ‘External Affairs’. Iraq and Afghanistan pulls in 10 out of 10. We’re just 0.5 point away from those two jolted countries.

Naila isn’t the only disenfranchised student in Pakistan. In a wake of the downturns with respect to everything, I wonder how many of the students like Naila are unable to fulfill their dreams — dreams to get education which their soul thirsted for.

PS: All the readers are generously requested to help this girl out, by any means you can. It’d be good if you can refer her case to any NGO, philanthropist or some charity organizations by writing to them and bringing their attention towards it. Students like Naila from the proletariat families with disintegrated dreams are questing to continue their education.

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