Why Always Pakistan?

Extremism isn’t confined to a country, race, religion or caste. Why still Extremism and Nationalism in Pakistan is set off with hoopla every where in the world? On top of that, countries suffering from extremism, fanaticism and nationalism point fingers at Pakistan yet they themselves are victim of extremism and fanaticism. One of these countries include our neighbor country India — and our best one of the whole allies, United States of America.

India unfortunately has no shortage of extremists. There are quite a number of Hindu fundamentalists in India affiliated with a number of extremist political parties like Shiv Sina, BJP, RSS etc., that keep on disturbing the internal peace of India. These extremists not only target Muslims, but they do also target Christians. This sort of fundamentalism is quite common at many places in India. And this isn’t presumed, but convincing enough on the basis of enough and prima facie proofs. Without discussing much of the extremism transpired in past, since it’s known to many, let’s talk about the most latest one that happened just yesterday.

Promotional posters for a new Bolly-boo movie, showing an actress with unsuitable wearable, have been torn down by activists of hard-line Hindu nationalist group. They’ve called the posters an affront to Indian values.

In another event, Shiv Sena have also target Indian television station in Mumbai just because a local TV channel in India criticized Shiv Sena.

Last week, Shiv Sena’s ageing leader and figurehead Bal Thackeray criticised leading Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar for saying that he was an Indian first and that Mumbai, his home city, ‘belongs to all Indians’.

On the other hand, since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 have happened in United States of America, many office bearer or functionary of a high rank of the religious right in America have been quite vocal against Islam, the Quran and Prophet Muhammad SAW. Excluding some anomalies, American columnists, intellectuals and political leaders have encouraged this hate campaign with their silence.

For example: Rev. Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son and successor who participated in the former president Bush’s inauguration ceremony, declared Islam a “very evil and wicked religion.”

If America is intolerant to religious extremism, one would hear within the public square criticism of extremists of all faiths. However, we only hear Muslim extremists being condemned. Is it not the case?

There are a lot of developing examples from many countries. Let’s truncate it: Absolute majority of Indian people want to see peace, Americans want to see peace. Everyone wants to see peace. The syllogism of all of this, again, is that extremism isn’t confined to a particular country, race, religion or caste. A handful of hatemonger and extremist bods at all don’t represent actions and thoughts of the whole state. Absolute majority of Pakistanis are product of peaceful mind. We’re adverse to extremism. Then why always Pakistan on this planet?

3 Responses to Why Always Pakistan?

  1. rich05 says:

    dear absar,

    u are missing the point, u ask why always pakistn, why not other nations

    there are other terror organosation in the world including india but there is a difference, they are not out to change the world or take over the world as pakistni terrorist are out to,

    india terror group want to take over india they are not boithered about the west or east, and they are not as deadly as pakistni terror, they dont go around with ak 47 ect

    lette was a terror group but they never randomly targeted other nationalities, the only other country which suffered other the lanka was india bec india interfered, that too no randam bombing, they just killed Rajiv gandhi

    now pakistni terrorist group are targating everybody indian, the west iran ect ect

    just today g pakistni are caught in itally, a couple of weeks ago 2 in usa, rane/headley for palanning attack on india, holland ect

    then they killed dameil pearl,
    they kidnapped american citoizen in india and then the same person was realeases when trrorist hijacked indian plane, and this person sayed was involved in 9/11
    and he lived very hapily in pakistn till daneal pearl was slaughtred

    pakisyni terrorist killed israellis, westerners and indian in mumbai 26/11 last year

    most terrorist caught anywhere in the world have some links to pakistn, either they have visited pakistn, or are in touch with pakistn, or trained in pakistn

    do u still want to ask why pakistan,

    if pakistni were killing each other like indian do, and not killed any other nationalities then no one will bother, they would just ignore u, as they do us,

    when u travel around the world now even muslim states, arab states if u are a pakistni or come on a pakistani flight they put u in a seperate queue and check u more throughly , so if u feell the west does it bec they are against islam, or india does it bec of islam then u are wrong, bec islamic nation too are dicrminating against pakistni, and i have firsthand experoence about it, and in the bargain ordinary hardworking pakistnis suffer, who travel out to work,

    till pakistni govet does not wipe out all terror group in pakistn there will be no improvement, and paksitani govt should know there are no good and bad terror group, they will tern and bite pakistn ion the end

    india has the experence of supporting ltte in lanka, brindanwales , even shivsena was created by the govt

    till ur govt does thet it will be always be pakistn who will be blamed



  2. Absar says:

    Dear Richie,

    I got your point and I agree to you to a commensurate extent. My first concern in the write up was about “pacifism”. Terror groups or separatist/radical movements in India or other countries may be confined to their respective states, but after all such outfits do demonstrate extremeness. Would you tell me how many times the extremists in Pakistan succeeded to create chaos in west. Even the 9/11 terrorists are alleged of getting training in United States itself, not in Pakistan.

    London bombing was carried out by a British citizen with Pakistani background.

    I’m not arguing here to defend my religion or country. All I intent to say is that religion has nothing to do with the extremism. Hence I, ultimately, wouldn’t agree to just one point that radicals in India, America, England, Israel etc. creating chaos is unmatchable with the terrorists in Pakistan. Terrorists are terrorists. High or low level terrorists — its degree of adjective — it doesn’t matter realistically.

    Many countries are victim of extremism. And as I said: We all product of peaceful mind, and we want to see peace 🙂

  3. rich05 says:

    dear absar,

    i get ur point, 99% ok pakistnis or indian or any other nationalities want to live in peace, they have no time for anything other then to take care of their family and try to better their life, mostly its is the majority suffer for the sins of a few,

    i am a catholic in india, majority hidus are tolerant but a few create all the problems the riots ect

    like u said its is universal not restricted to any partocular religion or nationalities

    we always say once this madness of extreme religion stops (even the christian extremism) all will be ok, but i doubt it bec man by nature is very querellsome, if not religion he will find something else to fight and kill about like language or some idelogy

    eg nazism, communism, where people of the same nationalities killed each other in support of one or the other

    al killing should be treated as crime whatever the reason there is no such thing as killing for good,

    as for pakistnis i have worked with many and have some very dear friend, and i never had any problem, and had so much in common,

    i always use to tell them paksitan and india should make it cumpusay for the 18/21 year old to visit each other country for a month or so to meet the other side and understand each other, viola enimity bet our countries will be over, when they see our similar we are

    that is my dream, we can dream right ?

    may ther be peace



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