Hopes Aren’t Forlorn

Perhaps something I did wrong in the past. Today, I’ve reached a point in my conscience that I can say I shouldn’t have been so hasty and rigid with myself while making decisions. Every problem that transpires, need sometime to settle down. But whatever happens, happens for a reason I believe.

Earlier, the efforts were from someone else, and today the efforts are by myself and that’s what matters now — while forgetting the past. I’m confused. Life is long, so do I need to give myself more time and leave everything on what nature decides or should I step forward myself to achieve what I wish I should achieve. I should step forward.

Time heals every wound and time really healed my wounds. It reminds me of something I thought and wrote time back.

I think I need to give everything sometime more. And I hope it’d not be too late while I’d take a final decision about which bridge in life I should follow at this juncture.

I hope things will go smooth. And I should look before I leap, as it may disturb so many things in future. Let’s see how things shape up. Past is dead, in fact it wasn’t even the past. Present matters for the future. After everything else, hopes aren’t forlorn!

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