Knocking On The Neighbour’s Door

Talibans claim the responsibility of every attack, hard to believe them every time. Attacking on places like GHQ and POF needs strong strategical skills maneuvering. It’s not like so easy without tactical maneuvering that you go, fire the rounds, break in GHQ, kill and run off.

Last year in August 2008 when POF came under attack — the detained would-be suicide bomber, who identified himself as Hameedullah, revealed some stunning facts about the activities and involvement of proxy Taliban in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Officials declined to give further details, but it was every where on media about the involvement of NAD and RaW — as briefed by ISPR.

Just this month, on 3rd November, ISPR’s Major-General Athar Abbas at a press briefing said that Pakistan has found concrete evidence of India’s involvement in militancy in South Waziristan.

Last month, 2 Indians on two consecutive days are apprehended by Rangers. As per the Rangers and officials, those two are backed by RaW. Many are caught day-to-day and many such newses are remained inconspicuous on media.

I don’t understand what those two Indians were doing? Selling peanuts or walnuts on a wheeled vehicle? Or they just came for sight seeing in Pakistan? This all should end from both sides!

Just today, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has accused India of supporting insurgents in Pakistan. On the other side, while U.S. President Obama was on his trip to Asia, during his stay in China, he, followed by Chinese President Hu Jintao, voiced that Pakistan and India should recommence the talks again. India retorted that it wouldn’t allow someone from outside to meddle in it’s internal affairs.

The general perception of Pakistani public is that Indian Government is up in arms — and extremely reluctant to recommence the talks with Pakistan. And this was finally announced by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi of late. Against the grain, Pakistan is always ready to step in for talks and negotiation to settle the long-standing disputes, while the affectation of India is yet to be truly said as surplus at this juncture.

I prefer Indian Government should behave judiciously and recommence the talk and negotiation. This wouldn’t be a unilateral benefit once the relations between both countries are fine-tuned, rather it’d be a bilateral benefit — a much needed too — for both India and Pakistan.

5 Responses to Knocking On The Neighbour’s Door

  1. rich05 says:

    i assume india is involved in pakistn, as most countries are involed in each other country friend and foes alike
    though its sad innocent people are killed in this rivalry, and as u said it shoild stop immediately, and we should act more civilised, and not just c;laim we are a 5000 year old civilisation, we should show we are on the ground

    reagarding talks with pakistn, the indian govt is under lot of pressure not to from the general public, and its aggravated by the media in india with all the footage they keep showing of 26/11 and also recently the rana headley episode

    so without some sort of action against the terror group in pakistn by the pakistni govt it will be difficult for india to talk, if they do congress risk losing seat in the next election, and election are held in india throughout the year in some state or other



    • Absar says:

      Dear Richie,

      You’re right and I agree with you. Pakistan and India, both are involved in each others affairs by means of Intelligence Agencies, I highly believe. This should end tout de suite!! After all, it’s the common people of the respective country who suffer while the policy makers remain cling to their comfy seats and comfy sleeps.

      And I understand the pressure on Indian Government imparted by Indian Media. But see, generally, if Pakistani media starts showing the horrific incident of Samjhota Express, what it’d be like? I believe Pakistan is really up for talks. Common people from either sides of the border want both nations to fine-tune the relations amongst.

      And about the actions against the terror groups in Pakistan, let me tell you, Pakistan is sacrificing too much to subdue those radical elements. What more does India need? We can’t plunge a nuclear bomb at those places like FATA. Our efforts should be appreciated at least to some level. And while both countries will collaborate with each other, I believe we could make a better and smooth transition to cope with terrorism. No?

      And thanks for your views and posts! You’ve got nice and flexible views, I must say 🙂

  2. rich05 says:

    i would hate to agree with u but iits a fact, indian media is very biased, visual as well as print, at least where it concern pakistan,

    and u should actually see our visual media, its a disgrace a circus, they will take a small issue and make it so big and weave so many theories into it that after a file everybody forgets what the original issue was all about, ithey are just intrested in getting ads and revenue

    the sane public and even the govt is fedup of them, they take evrything to the limits be it cricket, bollywod, and our favorite whipping target Pakistn

    i like pakistni newspaper dawn, usually i want to know something or understand something that happned bet india or pakistan i read Dawn, right or wrong at least it makes sense

    i have seen some of the biggest news are just given as footnotes in indian channels eg recently jethmalini said in a conference on terrorism in delhi terrorism originated bec of wahabism and the saudi ambassodor walked out of the conference
    not much noise about it here bec we need oil and over a million indian are working in Saudi, and hence does not suit our intrest, they reported it as any general news, which was the right way, no circus

    capitalism is the issue making money is the mantra

    peace wilth pakistn will come bec that is a the law of nature no one is permanant friend or foe, but will it come in our lifetime is the issue ?



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