Ours For Others

Everyone thinks his problems are far greater than anyone else’s problems. Whereas, only the suffered ones can understand. On this Eid, I could make a sad face with a thought that I don’t wish to celebrate Eid — in regards of whatever problems I’ve or I’ve not. Celebration isn’t about rich dressings or ha-ha etc. There could be people other than me whose sufferings could be far much than me, still they laugh and smile. And while I see the smiling faces of others, I don’t feel like making a sad face that could make others feel dejected too. And that, to cheer myself up, I’ve become a part of this transition where people are so exuberant — smiling and celebrating — and a horde of them are those who’re celebrating for others and not for themselves. After all, this is all about it — the Eid — the life.

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