Reducing Pakistan’s Cabinet

Yet another strange thing about Pakistan is the size of its cabinet. The figure of cabinet members are around 66. This is yet to be said as the biggest cabinet of any country in the world. Now since Pakistan is a matchless country, so having such a substantial cabinet is fairly a crackerjack.

When premier of Pakistan goes on an official foreign trip, the cabinet movs with him as if the cabinet is tied with his tail and without all or absolute majority of cabinet members, the premier can’t make headway and move a motion. It costs Pakistan a lot to disburse 10’s of cabinet members for their useless stay with premier on foreign visits, and specially when we’ve a big lot of those always loving to spend on lavishness and flamboyance. Such a bragging is strictly uncalled for, specially when the money is spent from the treasury of Pakistan — from the taxpayers money.

For sometime, our Prime Minister is acting discreetly. Due to that, many says that he has become palatable to the army establishment as well. Just recently, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has proposed an idea of diminishing the cabinet size to half or less than half even. He’s of the view that such a depletion is in regards with the pledge he took to better the economy of Pakistan.

The cabinet members are being contrived for reduction from its total of 66 to 30 or 35. Under this idea, some ministries would be merged with the other ministries to avoid duplication of work. The ministries like interior, commerce, defence, energy, information and law could see some changes.

This is a good proposal by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. But then, as was to be expected, many in the cabinet opposed this idea. But this is just an idea, the implementation on it isn’t scheduled yet. In as much as the economy of Pakistan could be bettered under this proposal, Prime Minister should execute this idea brusquely before long.

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