Honoring The Other Side

There’s no definition of ‘Love’, as such. Love is just love. It’s a thing more than we think or we expect. Love has no boundary, love has no limits, no condition, no exception, no particularity. When we love each other, we don’t need to show or prove that we love each other. It’s the trust that sustains love. There’s no instrument to measure the love, but there’s an unknown trust that preserves love. Love is that you sacrifice yourself, your wishes for your love. Self-abnegation is love. To forgive is Love.

Love is in many forms. It can’t be inherited, it can’t be taught, it can’t be learnt. It’s just that you start loving; you start loving because you know you can’t avert it. Hence, love becomes imperative.

Love is in different forms. It can be a love for parents, it can be a love for siblings, it can be a love with spouse, it can be a love for kids — the sons and daughters, nephew and nieces and all — it can be love for friends, it can be for your nation, it is also love with Allah too. Every love is different, yet similar simulataneously because of one robustly shared characteristic that is ‘love’.

Love isn’t bilateral most of the time, love can be unilateral too in many cases. In case of unilateral love, the loved one actually and extremely should be happy that he’s being loved. And in the case of bilateral love, I believe this would be a phenomenally auspicious thing one could have in this world.

It was such a lovely day when I wrote this all.

3 Responses to Honoring The Other Side

  1. fati says:

    The last sentence is lovely…! 🙂

    You are right brother…. Its something very hard to put in words, still you tried… good job..! 🙂

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