A Notorious Winner For Nobel Peace Prize

Obama - Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Obama - Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Obama won the Peace Prize days back, and tomorrow he’s going to visit Norway to receive it in person. The term ‘Peace’ — for which Obama is actually getting the Prize — categorically talks about the absence or nonoccurrence of war. The so-called summa cum laude Peace Prize Obama has won during a time when he’s commanding two ugly wars — Afghanistan and Iraq. Wars are always ugly, besides, the disputed resolutions on war across the globe does substantiate the fact that these wars are supplementally ugly. Is he really worthy of receiving the Peace Prize?

I’m not against the Peace Prize itself, but I was wondering about those 5 members in the panel who unanimously approved Obama’s name for Peace Prize. Were they actually known to the definition of Peace? Or perhaps Obama has won so many hearts and minds and enjoying the warmth of so many of the fans throughout the world after the same intensively hanky panky orations — a traditional weapon of every political leader. But it’s another matter altogether that giving a ‘hope’ for reshaping the world in this 21st century by Obama — the Peace Prize winner — has reached to an ad infinitum end. It is hard to point to a single place where Obama’s ‘sincere’ efforts have actually brought about peace. Obama has done nothing pragmatic to bring peace to any where in the world by even an ane percent. Is there there any?

There’s something for sure I can say that Obama won’t be winning any such phenomenal prize within his country during his stay in office as President. It’s been nearly one year now since Obama took the office and the state of financial and commercial hardship in US is at its peak. Instead of getting better, it deteriorated more. The unemployment rate has touched 17.5% in United States.

The committee of Nobel Peace Prize has made a mockery of the award. Now I understand again, how hard it’s to distinguish the hopes from the achievements — real achievements. Same has been the case with Pakistan, but without a Peace Prize involvement.

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