Killing Two Birds With A Single Stone

Few days back, I attended a wedding ceremony of one of my friend. This was after almost 2 years that I’ve been to some wedding. And, then, that I found something completely a thunderclap. It’s that, Government had decided days back to put a ban on the extended time of weddings: the wedding halls should be closed by 12 midnight. I’m not sure of the penalty if someone breaches this rule by continuing the wedding after 12 midnight, but what I’ve heard from the word of mouth is that the groom would be nabbed, detained in a lock up for one day on the very night of his wedding. The penalty is something mirthful, if at all it’s genuinely legitimate (Caution: This is what I heard from a word of mouth, while not giddily I believe)

I forgot to add that this thunderclap wasn’t at all with respect to the performance of government actually, but what really was it about is that the invitees were seriously following this law. They came on time — they joined the happy moments with relatives, friends, acquaints — and then fled on time and many even before the 12 midnight without thinking of elongating the wedding time to even an hour or two.

As I was reading one of the article on Dawn, it was criticized that this law isn’t really about safeguarding the interest of the bride-groom relatives, friends, acquaints and generally the residents of Pakistan. The presentation of law, if anything, speaks volume about the failure of government to cope with the national security condition, the national energy crisis including this ‘kunda system’ and all.

The motive of government might have been the same as delineated by the author who wrote in Dawn, and that a good thing has been done inadvertently. But then, a restriction on weddings of such sort out of the blue is actually commendable. Even if there was some normalcy in regards with energy crisis and crimes like theft, robbery, mugging — I would have preferred these restrictions yet. And I hope there would be a myriad like me commending on this ban.

If anything, this is one of the bonzer step government has taken and this is something lauded by almost everyone I’ve seen and I’ve known to, despite that fact that government has really killed two birds with a single stone — by blotting out its failure of coping the relevant problems, simultaneously enacting a law on the wedding time. Besides, some more restrictions need to be placed with respect to the standard of weddings in general — the lavishness and flamboyance in particular.

Sometime back there was a news in Pakistani media about the usage of Guns in weddings — the aerial firing and all — that killed some of the invitees. I believe this should also be stopped at once by enacting a strict law on it.

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