From Learning Till Progression

Power Crisis Obstructing Progression

It was the second year of my engineering, 2007, and the Christmas and New Year holidays were just over. The routine hectic life was about to begin once again. Went to uni the first day I found one of my Indian classfellow having a brand new laptop — the brand was unknown to me. I congratulated him for this new laptop and asked him which new brand it’s as I was unfamiliar to that new brand he had. To add it, he recently came back from India after Christmas and New Year holidays and the laptop was bought during that trip. The name of that brand I couldn’t reminisce right now. Anyway, he retorted that it’s an Indian brand so you might not be familiar to it.

Below is our conversation:-

I: Uh-huh, nice. So that’s an Indian brand

Naman: Thanks. Yeah, quite popular in India too. And you’d not believe me if I tell you its technical specs and the price

I: You sound like as if it’s something phenomenal

Naman: Yes, it’s

(And then he starts telling me about the technical specs — and I kept on nodding at his words. The specs were sure phenomenal

I: Excellent. So what’s the price? Indian Rs. or Pounds?

Naman: Well, it’s just 25,000 Indian Rupees.

I: Don’t tell me. I’m sure you’re hiding the real price (with a laugh)

Naman: See, I told you you won’t believe me (with a laugh)

I: Kidding, yaar. But I’m surprised really. If you go out and buy a lappy of same specs, I’m sure you won’t get it in less than 500 or 600 quids.

Naman: Well, yeah. You’re right. And you know something. It comes with an year warranty and the machine is sure good.

I: So is this the reason you preferred to get this machine because it’s cheap and good?

(I didn’t say to him squarely, rather I questioned him to find the reason just in case, as I knew he belongs to a well-to-do family back in India, and he’d really not opt for such a brand of machine rather than some Sony Vaio or Dell just because his was cheaper.)

Naman: Yaar, this is actually because it’s an Indian product — made in India.

His response to me was quite simple. And I just smiled back at him.

Today, I was thinking about the ways to improve Pakistan’s economy and just during the thought process I started reminiscing the conversation between me and Naman which helped me understand many things.

In Pakistan, how many industries do we have? And how many are closed lately due to the power scarcity? We’re mortaging our nation’s economy on war, on defence and excessively on many things, but there’s not enough money being bankrolled to overcome the power scarcity yet after decades. There’s not a single Pakistani company manufacturing cellphones or laptops and other such products which are, in this skyrocketing era of globalization, becoming a part of our everyday life. Why? Do we not have enough talent in Pakistan to begin with such industries?

Well, there’s one another unfortunate situation that requires a quick solution from not hampering further. It’s the real patriotism — by supporting our products and directly our country by buying them rather than hunting to buy something internationally flamboyant — Sony, Siemens, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry etc. etc. Once we’re not under the control of such patriotism, I believe our country’s economy would always hamper as it has been for decades now.

Just few days back I was watching a video on Youtube. There was a guy on some Pakistani TV channel telling the host about his achievement of how to overcome the power crisis prevailing in Pakistan for long now. The guy was working on a project which will produce electricity wherewith simple water. According to him, he has been working on this home-made project individually and the source of funding is where he lacks in order to accomplish the mission. He earns through tuitions he teaches and spend a prescribed amount of money from it to buy the equipments for his project from Shershah, Karachi, and this is how he’s slowly and steadily progressing. Besides, adapted to the words of him: if I get the finance, I’ll eliminate the problem of load-shedding from the country. The setting up of two or three units of my project in the city would be suffice to deep-six this big problem. Now where’s the government, I ask? And where are the political parties spending millions on hoardings for election campaigns, but feel ashame of spending something that would bear the fruit; because I still believe and optimistic that we’re no devoid of talented people in Pakistan. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr. Abdus Salam, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand, Dr. Atta ur Rahman, Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Dr. Javaid Laghari and so forth — these are some venerated and acclaimed names from the past and present of Pakistan. They were the product of Pakistani society; Pakistani schools, colleges, and universities. If Pakistan can produces such great scientists and scholars in the past, it sure can produce even so. Hene, such students, as I detailed above, can forsooth change the fate of Pakistan once given the support.

The conversation with my Indian class fellow is still echoing in my mind. And I’ve started to believe once again that why India is prospering despite being a hellishly poverty-stricken country more than Pakistan is now.

Just yesterday morning, during the First State Of The Union Speech by Obama, he mentioned the name of three countries economically booming in these times. They were, as orated by him in series, China, Germany and India. I was in the dumps to realize that Pakistan is really not in a good state today. Henceforth we’ve to revamp the current state of Pakistan to the heights of progression. Good things should be learned — no matter if we learn it from Israel, India or United States of America. But at least it’d be that we learned and improved. Rest in confidence, we’ll progress once these supposedly infinitesimal problems are rectified.

Any Winston Churchill Here?

Looking For Peace

Looking For Peace

A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject — said by Sir Winston Churchill. The reason I liked him is parce que his positive role during the World War II.

It was September 1939 that shook the whole Europe when Hitler attacked Poland. Hitler wanted to invade the whole of the Europe and other countries in Central Asia and further to South Asia. The Allied Forces — France, Great Britain and Poland — came in to being soon after Germany’s attack on Poland.

At that time, Soviet Union asked the Baltic Countries to allow stationing Soviet troops in their countries which Finland rejected and it was invaded by Soviet Union successfully. France and Great Britain was of the view that Soviet invasion on Poland is one reason inasmuch as it wanted to embark in World War II. No one knew that one of the deadliest fights between Soviet Union and Germany — the famous Operation Barbarossa which is also considered to be the biggest military offensive in terms of manpower, logistics and other resources — would take place later during World War II. Anyone of you who have read Operation Barbarossa in detail would be known to its appalling events.

Sir Winston Churchill wanted to have peace in Europe. The statesman would do every possible thing he could to stop Hitler from pursuing his evil aims. But then Great Britain was embroiled in the world war II as it became imperative — in order to help protect Europe from getting in the evil hands of Hitler’s Nazis.

There’s a reason to reminisce the World War II that, in all seriousness, jolted the whole of the Europe once. An alien down to earth yet won’t believe once knowing what Europe was during 1939 to 1945 and what it’s now: the amity amongst the nations prevail there, yet between the belligerent countries of World War II.

The reason to jot down about World War II is to trot out this fine example under the limelight that peace is always possible despite past wars and feud, just in the circumstance that we’re really willing to win the peace.

At present, India and Pakistan stands at the same point where the Axis Forces and Allied Forces stood thus far 1945 — the end of world war II — and sought for peace after hellishly busy and bloody wars. India and Pakistan have fought three wars to this day. Have we not yet learned enough of the lessons after three wars that we start seeking for true peace in a bona fide way?

Both the countries, tout de suite, need to stop railroading other country and come to the negotiation table and resolve all the long standing issues.

What do you think India can invade Pakistan, huh? No! So why such an attitude of infant?

What do you think we can resolve the Kashmir Issue under such circumstances? Resolving the violation of Indus-basin treaty issue under such circumstances?

What do you think we can resolve the issue of uncalled for heavy presence of India in Afghanistan overtly/covertly aimed to destabilize Pakistan?

What do you think we can resolve the issue of India’s unwarranted involvement in Baluchistan under such circumstances?

Are all the issues to be decided with the help of war?

Why do we always talk about banning Indian TV channels and Indian movies in Pakistan? If that’s the case, we should be banning American and Brit channels and movies as long as they’re killing our innocent people in drone attacks and abducting our Pakistanis and transporting them to Gitmo. Why just one flavor of patriotism, I ask again?

This isn’t because I’m a Pakistani so as I’m saying that, but it’s also quite apparent that India is unsubmissive to have peace between both countries and often we see unprovoked act of aggression from India’s side. For heaven’s sake, stop over. Both sides of the borders need to shun the hawkish attitude — and India needs to reconsider its behavior more than Pakistan. We, both the countries, are ineffectually squandering our each day and making a big lot of humans suffer on account of morbid hawkish attitude.

Repeating the history often remind us to take prudent decisions regarding present and future. By ill hap, there’s no ruling leader today on both sides of the border of India and Pakistan who’d raise the hunt of the prudent ideologies of the statesman Winston Churchill.

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it — Sir Winston Churchill

Poly Ticks

It Is All About Politics

Politics — nowadays is also served on the dining table inclusive of some extra spice in association with the favorite political talk show being aired at that moment, otherwise the usual gossip on politics is always into the bargain at the dining table. The prominent thing about politics is that it’s unscheduled, in a way that you never need any special theme to put on in order to jumpstart the talkses despite the possibility or fact that there’s no talk show aired at that time or your dinner is devastated by holy load-shedding. For example, at the dining table:

Aaj tu tamatar ki qeemat asmaan se baatein kar rahi thi (yehi koi 3 Rs. ziada). Hadh hai, gosht bhi itna mehenga chal raha hai.

Today, the price of tomato was skyrocketing. Unbelievable, meat is also way too expensive.

And here you’re. Political gossip has just begun. You know where it’ll end? It was started with the economy of the country, moved to pure politics then — just like the car traveling in a lizard lane — and will usually end with the same old vernacular phrase: kya hoga is mulk ka! (What will happen to the country!)

I believe, while writing all this, that this is the story of every home, or at least majority of homes in Pakistan. This isn’t our fault perhaps that we can’t resist ourselves not to bring politics at every moment we find is unworthy of discussing because nothing has changed so far; notwithstanding that from our long dining table gossips on politics to hours long drawing room tea/green-tea/coffee with guests with the torrential shmoozing on politics and to the watching of political talk shows on comfy sofas — nothing has changed yet after all that.

While aggroupings happen and gossips take place on politics, it’s been noticed that even the most standpat type of people do acknowledge at times: Sub choor hain yaar (Everyone is a looter).

By virtue of word ‘politics’ — which is, once I read, derived from the word ‘poly’ means ‘many’ and ‘ticks’ means ‘blood sucking parasites’ — the contemporary politicians hold countless PhD’s coupled with honorary PhD’s as well — in the Management of Bloodsucking. The number of death of people affected by malaria is sure less than the number of people who die due to circumstances attributable to the bad policies and moves of politicians. This, if anything, also substantiates the fact that politicians are more inauspicious than mosquitoes. Yours and mine have a poor luck that a mospel kind of lotion, to prevent from getting sucked by politicians, isn’t hatched up until now.

Although every politician is same, but in Pakistan there’s an unparalleled lot of politicians found at no place in the world. Such distinction of Pakistani politicians from the rest of the politicians of the world is parce que many overt reasons that are, on top of it, incomprehensible as obstructed by morbid egotism of the Ghairat Brigade.

Let’s move down to the types of politics and politicians — particularly related to Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

There are only two types of politicians: honest politicians and honestly honest politicians.

Honestly honest politicians are those who think they’re honest while the downtrodden awaam thinks of them as berks. Some of the characteristics of honestly honest politicians are that they’re down to earth, in regards to the trait learnt from the evil lore. Some honestly honest politicians fall squarely out of the comfy jails in to the country’s presidency and premiership while others of their kind were/are afraid of being incarcerated so they excused the awaam and threw themselves into self-exile, hence, remain fugitive from justice.

Some honestly honest politicians chant the slogans of Rooti, Kapra and Makaan (Food, Cloth and House) to get the votes. This is another kind of demagoguery politics quite common in Pakistan. All those who chant the slogan of such kind with the purpose of getting the votes from the abundantly poverty-stricken people simultaneously have lush palaces, in conjunction with bank accounts in foreign countries filled with billions of dollars for their very personal lavishness.

Other kinds of such politicians pledging to promote democracy are found having covert meetings at General Headquarters. Such politicians are personally unconcerned with anything except of retribution and certainly the chief of all facts in politics — power seeking by unprincipled power ploys.

Some other characteristics of honestly honest politicians are, to an exceedingly degree of honesty, understandable (which is actually quite easy to understand in the contemporary politics in spite of mentioning) when one intend to malign his/her opponent by means of blame game, particularly related to ad hominem arguments — often unilateral — revolving around one’s private life.

There are other kinds of politicians who urge people to put a stop to the arms culture in civilians while their own substantial stalwarts hold a horde of illegal arms. Such duplicitous politicians and their political parties are a prompt threat to country, yet we support them.

Another kind of honestly honest politicians are those who are running their political campaign on the name of Islam and ‘go America go’ slogans. I’m horrified to see that on the name of Islam, they terrorize students in the universities and colleges. However, besides, it’s a bilateral process where every such terrorist under the banner of student try imposing his beliefs on others. And once rejecting those means you’ll be bullied by them persistently and throughout your stay in university. These politically affiliated students from different honestly honest political parties have ruined the educational institutes to a considerable extent. We’re doomed — no one is up for the elimination of politics from educational institutes.

Let’s not forget a top listed and earthshaking brand of a semi-political party. They believe that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is an extraordinarily brave woman — a female hero for them. On one side they bomb the schools, look black upon the coeducation system — and on the other side their favorite female hero has studied in a coeducation system in an American University, and has also worked in a environ with males — which they term as strictly un Islamic. Such sanctimonious semi-political party is a blot and cause major regression in the ongoing life cycle of the country.

Each day these honestly honest political leaders and their political parties write on ice and each second day the ice melts and they rewrite on ice again. This has been going on for decades now while the Ghairat Brigade watches this political matinee and at nights we’ve to discuss — often as idle hours activity — at dining table, at coffee shops, in drawing rooms and in front of TV on comfy sofas while watching the hot talk shows on politics. And the life afloat … under a revision.

PS: I’ve jotted down this write up with a purpose of no purpose to mold already to the skies molded people, but to help myself rectify with the help of the views of others. Today’s politics, I sternly believe, is all about self-interest and lack of principles. Besides, the other kind of politicians i.e. the honest politicians need no introduction and explanation.

A Little-Known Human Farm

NFC Meeting -- Gwadar

When George Orwell wrote the book ‘Animal Farm’, he rather aimed to mock a particular character Joseph Stalin and his Stalinism. George Orwell was really not oblivious that the traits of Stalin could also be followed by future leaders of other countries apart from Soviet Union; however, he never mentioned it since all political leaders are same in this manner or in some other manner.

Anyone of you who have read Animal Farm would be having knowledge of the 7 commandments the Pigs proclaim after endeavoring for the Animalistic coup d’etat on Manor Farm and sooner turning it in to Animal Farm. Uh, the Pigs were smart alecks.

Two out of seven commandments, on the basis of animal’s hate for humans, are:

1) No animal shall sleep in a bed.

2) All animals are equal.

Just to shed a light on this brilliant book, and to make others — who haven’t read ‘Animal Farm’ — understand the story of the pigs who considered themsleves superior, let’s consider one of the most recent ‘good news’ pertaining to the historical NFC award. During the time of such distress and desperate strait when Pakistan is suffering from hellishly massive budgetary difficulties and other day-to-day financial problems, our leaders are having NFC meeting at PNS Babar in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Gwadar — which many others have also called a ‘picnic’ to be precised.

The criticism isn’t about ‘picnic’ itself. The fact of the matter is that the meeting of the cabinet members and all four provincial chief ministers is said to have cost Rs 5 million. A country like Pakistan which is trembling because of monetary troubles, millions are being spent on such meetings. The Dawn’s editorial also gave a perfect solution that meeting could have been held in the town hall of a small urban centre or something like that — without spending Rs. 5 million at the PNS Babar in the coast of Gwadar.

I don’t mean to imply anything, but as George Orwell writes in Animal Farm that as time passed by, the ‘Pigs’ refused to follow the 7 commandments because of superiority complex and as they thought they’re most powerful and influential in the farm so they started utilizing the resources more than the other animals. They started sleeping on the bed and started using farmers houses as they claimed that we need to be healthy and sit and sleep at quiet and comfy places in order to make sound decisions for the prosperity of animals.

These were the excuses of Pigs which other animals listened quietly, in fact they had to listen those excuses quietly because they were railroaded by the number of dogs the ruling pigs had so that made other animals sewed their lips as in obeyance. So what are the excuses of our leaders, I ask? Or is there still a need of excuses to throw at the sleepyheads?

Rs. 5 million is nothing when the area of Pakistan i.e. 796,096 square kilometers is considered. But these Rs. 5 million is really having sacred value and worth at a decisive phase when we’re running our country only wherewithal loans and often financial doles from IMF, World Bank, United States of America and many other countries and international organizations. Shame on us! A single dime spent from the national exchequer for useless and ostentatious purpose is, right at the moment, truly Haram — amoral and should be set as amerciable by the apex courts and recovery of which should be from the leaders personal bank accounts and payrolls I believe.

The pigs were idiots too who breached the 7 commandments under the set of some incoherent pretexts and the sickness of egotism, so as our leaders.

In God’s name, I don’t intend to say our amoral leaders as Pigs and their security agencies as ‘Dogs’ — inasmuch as they’re Humans and not the Animals of Manor/Animal Farm. It’s, if anything, George Orwell I give credit to, who ridiculed Stalin but also helped us to explain by providing further information on what immorality is.