A Little-Known Human Farm

NFC Meeting -- Gwadar

When George Orwell wrote the book ‘Animal Farm’, he rather aimed to mock a particular character Joseph Stalin and his Stalinism. George Orwell was really not oblivious that the traits of Stalin could also be followed by future leaders of other countries apart from Soviet Union; however, he never mentioned it since all political leaders are same in this manner or in some other manner.

Anyone of you who have read Animal Farm would be having knowledge of the 7 commandments the Pigs proclaim after endeavoring for the Animalistic coup d’etat on Manor Farm and sooner turning it in to Animal Farm. Uh, the Pigs were smart alecks.

Two out of seven commandments, on the basis of animal’s hate for humans, are:

1) No animal shall sleep in a bed.

2) All animals are equal.

Just to shed a light on this brilliant book, and to make others — who haven’t read ‘Animal Farm’ — understand the story of the pigs who considered themsleves superior, let’s consider one of the most recent ‘good news’ pertaining to the historical NFC award. During the time of such distress and desperate strait when Pakistan is suffering from hellishly massive budgetary difficulties and other day-to-day financial problems, our leaders are having NFC meeting at PNS Babar in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Gwadar — which many others have also called a ‘picnic’ to be precised.

The criticism isn’t about ‘picnic’ itself. The fact of the matter is that the meeting of the cabinet members and all four provincial chief ministers is said to have cost Rs 5 million. A country like Pakistan which is trembling because of monetary troubles, millions are being spent on such meetings. The Dawn’s editorial also gave a perfect solution that meeting could have been held in the town hall of a small urban centre or something like that — without spending Rs. 5 million at the PNS Babar in the coast of Gwadar.

I don’t mean to imply anything, but as George Orwell writes in Animal Farm that as time passed by, the ‘Pigs’ refused to follow the 7 commandments because of superiority complex and as they thought they’re most powerful and influential in the farm so they started utilizing the resources more than the other animals. They started sleeping on the bed and started using farmers houses as they claimed that we need to be healthy and sit and sleep at quiet and comfy places in order to make sound decisions for the prosperity of animals.

These were the excuses of Pigs which other animals listened quietly, in fact they had to listen those excuses quietly because they were railroaded by the number of dogs the ruling pigs had so that made other animals sewed their lips as in obeyance. So what are the excuses of our leaders, I ask? Or is there still a need of excuses to throw at the sleepyheads?

Rs. 5 million is nothing when the area of Pakistan i.e. 796,096 square kilometers is considered. But these Rs. 5 million is really having sacred value and worth at a decisive phase when we’re running our country only wherewithal loans and often financial doles from IMF, World Bank, United States of America and many other countries and international organizations. Shame on us! A single dime spent from the national exchequer for useless and ostentatious purpose is, right at the moment, truly Haram — amoral and should be set as amerciable by the apex courts and recovery of which should be from the leaders personal bank accounts and payrolls I believe.

The pigs were idiots too who breached the 7 commandments under the set of some incoherent pretexts and the sickness of egotism, so as our leaders.

In God’s name, I don’t intend to say our amoral leaders as Pigs and their security agencies as ‘Dogs’ — inasmuch as they’re Humans and not the Animals of Manor/Animal Farm. It’s, if anything, George Orwell I give credit to, who ridiculed Stalin but also helped us to explain by providing further information on what immorality is.

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    Please share this link with those who might be interested.


    P.S. The book is waiting for a reviewer

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