Action & Consequences

Something out-of-the-way. Few days back when NATO announced a major offensive in the southern Afghanistan in an area call Marja, there was a donnybrook mobilizing everywhere regarding the civilian casualties. American officialdoms said the civilian casualties in this major offensive is inevitable. And see, this is what happened: an errant American rocket strike on Sunday, 14th Feb 2010, hit a compound crowded with Afghan civilians, killing at least 12 people, including 5 children.

On Monday, 15th Feb 2010, NATO officials said an airstrike, unrelated to the Marja operation, killed five civilians and wounded two others. They were mistakenly believed to be planting roadside bombs in Kandahar province.

But somehow at this point in time US has taken the notice of civilian casualties and in order to avert the civilian casualties, today U.S. curtailed the use of airstrikes in assault on Marja.

Since this is something I again term as out-of-the-way, I thought I must share it. Simultaneously I just don’t think that in war the action should ever be divorced from the consequences. This is a war — a useless too — and civilian casualties are inevitable in the light of the situation. May the self proclaimed Godfather of Democracy and Justice realize it sooner than later.

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