Road To Revolution

Road To Revolution

Road To Revolution

On March, 24 1976, a military dictatorship came to power in Argentina. The US backed regime ruled the country for a decade. 30,000 mostly young Argentinian were disappeared by the military. Millions more fled into exile.

Then there was the economic crisis hit the country during the last decade of 20th Century. People were already sick and tired of the economic and political uncertainty — they became hellishly more fed up with the prevailing problems.

On December 19 and 20, 2001, millions of Argentinians took to the streets. “Everyone must go”, they chanted, demanding the resignation of the entire government. 32 protesters were killed, 200 wounded, but they held the streets. President resigned under the pressure. In one week, 4 governments resigned in succession. How much interesting it’s for you to value now the real power of Awaam?

For decades now, our so-called best governments — the holy dictators and holy democrats — have tried to erase and denied the power of our existence — the power of awaam. For decades now, they’ve stolen our rights. For decades, they’ve tried to bury our wishes under the ground. The same happened to the people of Argentina. But they won when they found that they’ve no other choice than to get out on roads and demonstrate the people’s power.

Somehow, we also get out on roads, but under a banner of the affiliated political party and demonstrate protests solely for the party’s cause. We know the length and breadth of our country, but what we don’t know is the edges of our country — the edges from where the problems arise. Divided we stand today. I daresay when United we’ll stand someday, we sure will create an example like Argentina did and today stands on the verge of progression.

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