Where Leaders Dare

Looming Problems In Pakistan

Looming Problems In Pakistan

ANP has gone mad; it was earlier too. Just recently it gave an statement that the party wouldn’t support the repelling of 17th amendment until the province name is changed to Pakhtunkhwa. At several occasions, ANP has been emphatic of changing the name of NWFP province to Pakhtunkhwa-Abaseen or Pakhtunkhwa Khyber. Pakistan’s future is, at this phase, hanging between the egos and stupidity of few politicians. I’m quite afraid to see and question that how and why we need an immediate action to change the name of province, concurrently acknowledging that it practically isn’t going to change the status quo of the country which represents a dismantled, poverty stricken, ill-educated and day-to-day suicide bombings state. Things like repelling 17th amendment, terrorism, drone attacks, power crisis, wheat crisis, pulse crisis, water crisis, global warming, jobs, education, corruption, sovereignty of Pakistan etc. are the grave concern of Pakistanis, but the likes of dunce leaders are in an argle-bargle for the change of province name. I personally have no problem with the changing of name, but the eye-catching problem is the inaction in finding the solution to today’s significant problems, such as the ones above.

How would you conclude to address this problem? For me, I’ve an urge to say that while solving a horde of national problems, first we need to set the priorities — outside the framework of making the higher priorities getting obstructed by some lower ones. It’s a matter of survival, not some point-scoring match. As I read, Cowasjee months back gave a fine example on setting up of the priorities: If your garden needs attention whilst in your house you have a sick child, what is your first priority?

Before finishing it off, let me unfold something unusual from yesterday: Earth Hour, to fight against global warming, was celebrated throughout Pakistan. On the occasion, all lights on all important government buildings and thoroughfares in all major cities were switched off from 08:30 pm to 09:30 pm. It all happened as the President announced celebrating Earth Hour. I’m proud as a peacock to point it that Pakistan is, unofficially and voluntarily, celebrating Earth Hour for decades now, with no electricity for hours each day. We are contributing the best we can against global warming. Shouldn’t we be proud of it? Political leaders are perhaps proud of it, this is why they’re more busy in the name change argle-bargle rather than the production of energy.

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