Of Future Dulha-Dulhan Hoopla

Something for a change. Well, I actually started to enjoy the wedding news of

Shoaib Malik And Sania Mirza Wedding

Shoaib Malik And Sania Mirza Wedding

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza when I saw a banner on top of GEO’s website. This sure was looking quite funny at first glance. What it seems to me — or perhaps everyone else too — is that GEO is happy the most than any other Pakistani.

Since yesterday evening, when the news broke out, I started receiving text messages on this subject, and quite surprisingly it was the only one text which was being sent over and again: IPL ney to 11 Pakistanion ko Reject kia tha Faraz — Sania Mirza ney to Pora India hi Reject kar dia 😀

The other comments I happened to read randomly were: Sania sister ney proof kar dia hai key “ik ho gey Muslim haram ki passbani key leye; Neel key sahil say ley kar tabkha’k’ghashgar…”

There was one another funny comment I read: Ab India hum sey hamesha sir jhuka kar baat kia krega … Kyun key hum Larkey Wale hain. GEO PAKISTANI

In any case, particularly the people in Pakistan are ambivalent. Picking another other random comment: Sania will keep representing India yet after the marriage & both of them are going to live in Dubai!

Let me have my say on this whole event: I usually have no interest in discussing such newses, but the humorous demonstration by GEO while covering this news made me laugh on this whole thing. News is perhaps interesting more, generally, because of the inherent inclusion of “India”.

What is your say?

2 Responses to Of Future Dulha-Dulhan Hoopla

  1. Ateeq says:

    But what ever the comment is, Media People really helped me know whoz SANIYA is… Thank you for educating me …. 😉

    Hey nice post. summed up really well . Well , this is tragic and most sad part of our civilized society , where we follow each others private affairs and make them public , and continue to call our self “Civilized”, are we Hippocrates ?

    • Absar says:

      @ Ateeq

      You’re right. Earlier when the news of wedding broke out and GEO was acting funnily, I didn’t bother myself much on this hoopla by media. Later, means now, it has gone quite too far and which is rather annoying. Particularly the GEO has been quite intrusive in the personal matter of Sania and Shoaib. Shame on GEO and the likes of it.

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