Ban Students Political Wings

Punjab University -- Pakistan

Punjab University -- Pakistan

Today, there was a teacher’s strike in Punjab University. The reason of the strike is that a Professor of the College of Earth & Environmental Sciences Department (CEES), Dr. Iftikhar Baloch, who’s happened to be the head of PU Disciplinary Committee as well, was severely injured from repeated blows by the students who’re said to be of Jammiat. This all happened when Dr. Iftikhar Baloch took action against the six students for violation of discipline. The senior most official of PU, Dr. Iftikhar Baloch, is said to be in critical condition.

This is a quite familiar thing that Jammiat is the most influential political student wing in Punjab University.

A friend of mine, studying in Punjab University, has been telling me this over and over again that the activists of “Jamiat”, student wing of Jammat-e-Islami, are prominent in such outbursts in the university.

Another friend of mine has apprized me about the another side of the whole situation. According to him, a staff member of PU was caught exercising adultery which caused today’s turmoil.

The reason to bring this to everyone’s attention is forasmuch as to highlight this issue about the political activities of students in educational institutes prevailing without any organized system of restrictions. Student wings of each prominent political party, functioning in any university in the country, are becoming a grave concern of student’s safety and more importantly they oft disrupt the university’s environ. This is a general sentiment exclusive of any particular event to highlight.

There are two possibilities to solve the issue: either a total ban on students political wings within universities or keep an effective check and balance on these wings which is the responsibility of the government as well as the judiciary. The more effective check and balance could be practiced when there’s a strong and organized platform to conjoin the different political wings into one — a Student Union — which would be free of any political savor within the educational institutes. Whoever disturbs the peace in the educational institute needs to be dealt with iron hands. The former one, to ban students wings, will yield good results, I personally believe.

What is the role of our Judiciary on this issue? Would the Judiciary please direct its attention on this matter, in a more general fashion? Up to which time the universities will keep upholding such a bullring inside it? And who’re the real trouble makers behind every such event?

8 Responses to Ban Students Political Wings

  1. anam says:

    can anybdy tell me how long this strike will go on?…….

    • Absar says:

      No idea, Anam. PU is closed for an indefinite period. You need to contact the admin or any lecturer for further details. Maybe from Monday uni will get open. Not sure though. I just learnt it from a friend in PU.

  2. anam says:

    this is a vry drastic act by the side of (IJT)…..they r not only pushing themselves into trouble infact they r endangering our universitie’s raputation…

  3. R. Shah says:


    there is no announcement or any notice regarding when it will end. It will be in the media I hope. As soon as demands of the teachers are fulfilled, it will hopefuly. Lets see, every one is confused.

  4. anam says:

    thanks frnds for sharing info with me….today i contact to a lecturer but nobdy is sure abt the commemcement of classes… all i can say iz njoy vacations lolzzzz

  5. anam says:

    governer order…………..punjab uni will remain close till 19th of april………its official announcement….

  6. RANA RAZA says:

    dear brothers and sisters ,

    app ko jamiat ka positive factor bhe dakhna chahye her insaan se ghaltiyaan hotee haan and 2nd jin 2 students ney Iftkhar blooch k saath bad tamizee ke thee un ka Jamiat se already ikhraaj ho chuka haa , or is se aap pure tanzeem ko zimmadar nahin thraa sakty , Jamiat ny hamisha students k haqooq ki jang laree haa or jis ka intazamia ko hamisha dukh pohnchhtaa rehtaa haa. Jamiat ny to hamaesha yheee khaa ha kyunion k election ker waliye jaen talba jin ko achaa samghey gee us ko vote ker day gee . its simple

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