In Shining India, Maoist Turned Furious

Arundhati Roy And Maoist

Arundhati Roy And Maoist

The worst Maoist attack in India 3 days back has killed 73 Indian CRPF and district force personnel. This is hitherto really a worst attack by Mao guerrillas in the India.

Last month, Arundhati Roy, who’s quite a famous Indian writer and the Booker Prize winner, wrote an essay of 20,000 words entitled “Walking with The Comrade” on the Mao guerrillas. This essay was published last month in Delhi’s Outlook magazine as well as made available exclusively to Dawn in Pakistan.

Arundhati Roy decided to visit the forbidding and forbidden precincts of Central India’s Dandakaranya Forests, home to a melange of tribal people many of whom have taken up arms to protect themselves against state-backed marauders and exploiters. She recorded in considerable detail the first face-to-face journalistic “encounter” with armed guerrillas, their families and comrades, for which she combed the forests for weeks at personal risk.

According to Arundhati Roy, the deadly war that’s unfolding in the jungle, is a war that the Government of India is both proud and shy of. Operation Green Hunt has been proclaimed as well as denied. P. Chidambaram, India’s Home Minister (and CEO of the war) says it does not exist, that it’s a media creation. And yet substantial funds have been allocated to it and tens of thousands of troops are being mobilized for it.

The main aim to recall this all is to shed a light on the fact which substantiates the hypocrisy of India when it calls Pakistan a terrorist country; whereas India itself is loathly suffering from the worst of the separatist movements in the country, one of which is the Maoists movement.

A lot of hypocrisies of Indian government is exposed by Arundhati Roy in her essay “Walking With The Comrade.”

This is quite shameful thing for India to point fingers at Pakistan all the time when its own country is jolted by its own people. There are a number of separatist movements in India, the world knows that. And this isn’t a covert thing. Might one recall who killed Rajiv Gandhi and the “particular” reason why was he killed. For an additional time, I feel pity on the Indian government, the hypocrite Indian government — and the likes of them, the Indians, who are both proud and shy of the war within the republic.

Personally, I find Arundhati Roy better than the Maoists guerrillas and even better than the Indian government. She doesn’t go on a killing spree for any reason, good or bad. She doesn’t break the law. She doesn’t use the garb of a presentable image and the protection of a political party and official machinery to perpetrate genocide. All she has been asking is a better deal for the downtrodden and suppressed which, quite unfortunately, government of India has failed to deliver to the downtrodden and isolated ones — adding the fact that about the 60% of the Indian population lives in villages — deprived of even the basic facilities like the water, medical, education etc.

According to my understanding, it takes guts for anyone to travel to Maoist country, believed to be a part of the ludicrous “Shining” India. Arundhati Roy deserves praise for going where none of the armchair journalists go. Besides, she deserves an additional praise to stand against the unjust and for the downtrodden.

A quick question in the end: what would’ve been the reaction had this attack been carried out by any Muslim outfit? Does this phrase — often used by the west, and a horde of extremists and parochial people of “Shining” India too — fits fine even now: All Muslims aren’t terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim?

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