Book Review — Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths

Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths -- by Karen Armstrong

Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths -- by Karen Armstrong

This is a review of the book “Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths” which I’m reading these days. The book is sure interesting and written unbiasedly by Karen Armstrong.

Karen Armstrong is an Oxford Graduate in Literature. She has served as a Nun for 7 years in Roman Catholic Church. The best thing about her way of explaining things in the book is that it’s completely free from any favoritism or bias in regards with any religion which are the subject of the book — Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Karen Armstrong, in her book “Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths”, rejects the idea of Jews who claim that Jerusalem is more holy for them than it’s in any other religion. She argues, which is rightly so, that it’s difficult to trace who were the real inhabitants of the city when it was populated thousands of years ago. On the other hand, she highlights the significance of the Jerusalem in regards with all three religions — all of them asserting that the city is more holiest to them than any other religion.

To be sure, Karen Armstrong suggests that the book is merely an attempt to find out what Jews, Christians and Muslims have meant when they have said that the city is “holy” to them and to point out some of the implications of Jerusalem’s sanctity in each tradition. You might feel to be one from the ancient times while reading it.

At one place she argues that she understands why the city is holy for Christians, because it’s the place where Christianity was born, and it’s the place where Hazrat Esa AS was crucified. Then she argues that Islam was born a thousand miles away from the Jerusalem in the deserts of Arab; whereas Judaism was born a thousand miles away from the Jerusalem in the deserts of Sinai, in Egypt. She raises the question that why Jews believe other mounts as more holy than the Mount Sinai where the holy book was bestowed on Hazrat Moosa AS. Later, she argues that the city is equally holy for the Muslims and for the Jews like it’s for the Christians. The Prophets sent to the Jerusalem — Hazrat Suleman AS, Hazrat Dawood AS, Hazrat Esa AS and so on — are equally respectable for each of the three religions.

To learn more about the history of Jerusalem and the historical facts on it regarding all three religions, this is a good book to read.

3 Responses to Book Review — Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths

  1. Karen Armstrong is an amazing writer whose work is purely to enlighten readers, not to persuade them to any particular faith. For this reason, hers are among the most credible books to read on religion and how religion has impacted mankind. As an atheist, I find her writing extraordinarily readable and well researched.

  2. Asif Ali says:

    Karen Armstrong has an extremely readable style of writing and is a good researcher. I have her 8 books with me that are pretty much well-researched stuff especially like “Holy War” that rejected the Christian point of view and retained that Christian Historians were biased against Muslims in the past.

  3. hansston says:

    Wrote an essay on the siege of Jerusalem. Maybe you could let me know what you think about it. Thanks. Kevin

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