Ban Students Political Wings — II

Punjab University New Campus

Punjab University New Campus

If you can’t manage things, can’t put it in order while working on it for years, step down; because it proves your inadequacy. Yes, this is the right choice.

When Hafiz Hassaan Butt, Naazim of Islami Jamiat-e-Talba (IJT) in Punjab University, claimed that the student wing of Jammat-e-Islami, the IJT, has cancelled the membership of the two Jammiat guys named Hafiz Wajid Aurangzeb and Usman Ashraf, who were factually involved in the the pounding of Dr. Iftikhar Baloch, Hafiz Salman Butt again failed to mention why such shabby incidents still take place in the different universities of Pakistan where correspondingly the IJT ’students’ cum stalwarts are the ones responsible each time, or nearly most of the time.

Let’s rewind this whole thing to few days back when the mishap in Punjab University took place. There were initial reports based on the hearsay evidences from IJT stalwarts and the other easily tempted people that Dr. Iftikhar Baloch was actually committing adultery in his office. Almost all the IJT stalwarts I know, God knows intentionally or unintentionally, didn’t incline to accept that the ill-educated cruel-hearted guys beating hell out of a teacher were belonging to Jammiat; they didn’t even accept initially that even few, if not all 50/60 who were beating the professor, were from IJT. This was the first strong lie of IJT officials caught live during the initial study of the event.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that Dr. Iftikhar Baloch was really committing the adultery. Then why’s that the IJT officials aren’t seen bringing this news out in front of the media projector, or how come this strong news left out without even a wee bit of coverage over the media? Media is biased many times, this is true. But this is even a more truthful fact that Pakistani media — well, most of it — doesn’t leave any opportune moments to broadcast the spicy newses in order that to combust the controversy more. It’s the favorite habit of media.

First thing first: which law, Islamic or constitutional, gives the right to the Jammiat guys or any guy to beat Dr. Iftikhar Baloch even if he was said to have his hands in the unchastened acts?

The problem in Pakistani educational institutes isn’t all about the IJT, APMSO, PSF etc. students political wings; it’s not even about the quality of education alone. It’s also about the maintenance of the objectives — the strict law and order situation within the university premises. The uncalled for chaos in the educational institutes is yet another generous failure of the government — both the federal and the provincial. The closing of an educational institute for 17 days isn’t a good sign of prosperity. 17 days are quite too much.

No where in any developing country in the world it happens that the faculty members are maltreated in a way like in Pakistan.

Hafiz Salman Butt, the Nazim of IJT in Punjab University, benevolently said that IJT has annulled the membership of those Jammiat guys who thrashed the professor. Easier said, as a wee bit of attempt to lower the indexes of people pointing heavily at the IJT. Hafiz Salman Butt, while employing such a trick, actually made a failed attempt to purify Islami Jammiat-e-Talba, simultaneously the parent party Jammat-e-Islami. Might I ask what are the steps taken by the concerned political party and its student’s wing to avert such an event — where IJT bods are involved — in the future? Annulling their membership alone isn’t going to yield any lucrative outcome, or is it?

Just as I hinted in the very beginning, if the things can’t be managed by the IJT officials or any student’s political wing, they sure need to pick up their setup from the educational institutes. Not doing so, we may see more of such catastrophes in the educational institutes. Please spare the universities. The place is not meant to be the political strongholds of students. After all, I yet don’t understand why can’t the provincial governments or the federal government depoliticize the educational institutes and let there be solely one representation of students, the Students Union, yet apolitical. This is how the structure of students representation is in the ameliorative countries.

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  1. Khalid says:

    yes i agree

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