MQM & The Mask Of Hypocrisy

MQM Trying To Set Foot In Punjab

MQM Trying To Set Foot In Punjab

It’s actually quite a sordid thing that when people talk in a high-powered way against the unjustices with a purpose to gain some attention, they forget their own acts contribute substantially in painting a picture of, which they call, “unjustices”. Why we’re being so enormously hypocrite on the name of the de facto “national interests”?

Today, during the speech of Altaf Hussain which was directed to the people of Punjab particularly, Altaf Hussain ardently iterated that those who chanted slogan of ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makan’ (food, clothing and shelter) have given nothing to the people in past 62 years.

On one side Altaf Hussain is telling to the people of Pakistan about the fraud PPP that is doing nothing for the people of Pakistan, yet on the other hand what we see is that Altaf Hussain and his party has always been supportive of the PPP government. More big is the fact that it was MQM who supported Asif Ali Zardari during the presidential election in the provincial and national assemblies with all its locally mighty force. Then I ask, why Altaf Hussain is crying over a spilt milk when his and his party’s actions can’t actually be justified realistically. Logical justifications are declared void. Logics are algorithms which everyone can design one; it has no value in real.

Does this not prove MQM has always been playing fake demagoguery politics by killing two birds with a single stone? On one side MQM supports the wrong in order that to gain sympathies of political generals and other doozy political champions who bring MQM the joy — blessings of ministries — the power, on the other side it talks against the same party whom they’ve been supporting always and ever, directly and indirectly, since it’s founded.

So, is this really what we call ‘politics of principles’? The major and mainstream political parties of Pakistan are the chip of the same block. The relentless unprincipled politics has proved a lot bad for Pakistan.

Caution to the people of Pakistan, specially Punjab: Please be wise in choosing your options. MQM and the likes of it — the PPP, PML-N, ANP etc. — are bad for the health of Pakistan. Can we, for once, demand for principled politics in the country, please?

3 Responses to MQM & The Mask Of Hypocrisy

  1. hindumqm says:

    MQM’s Punjab convention fails

    MQM has totally failed in Punjab and more than 80 % participants in Lahore, Multan & Pindi were brought from Karachi and there was also a large number of Mirzais of Rabwa (Chanab Nagar) who were paid to come to these conventions.

    Some people from Jhelum were also paid to come to Pindi convention.

    Hindu MQM — Urdu — Urdu — Urdu — Urdu

  2. Asif Ali says:

    The only ideology that can beat MQM OR to stay at par with MQM is going to be a new ideology, which is a far-fetched matter in this country – MQM brought a simple “Revolution” through an “Evolution”, plucking the wings and exposing the so-called professional and conventional politicians as well as opportunist mullahs and their “Evil Agenda”.

    Nobody is appreciating the fact that it was MQM who stopped the Shia/Sunni tension, MQM brought the Middle Class into the lime-light, MQM “reminded” people that they are not slaves and are needed to be treated as a first class citizens, MQM’s first choice was the alleviation of poverty and create “transparency & decency” into politics, MQM was very much against the “hypocirte” politicians who rule this earth.

    Without ample financial resources, which are available to other political parties, MQM, being pennyless generated the funds from their pockets created a brotherhood among the citizens of Karachi.

    Restrictng OR considering MQM OR presenting a party of a group of certain quarters based on linguistics is a serious injustice to the spirit of Pakistan.

  3. Asif Ali says:

    This is a biased article having racist under-tones, Too bad that you do not know what are you saying and most of your stuff is either imaginary or subscribed from cheap newspapers that has no credibility.

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