Poors Should Be The Priority

Pakistan: A group of boys scrambles for bread rations -- Photo Courtesy -- Dawn

Pakistan: A group of boys scrambles for bread rations -- Photo Courtesy -- Dawn

Two days back strolling down the street next to mine, I encountered a little event usual yet unusual which I’m to describe here. Strolling, and busy in thoughts, my mind was brought back to the earth by a little kid in ragged clothes who popped in from somewhere and asked me: “Kuch paisey dey dein sahab.” (Please give me some money)

At first, I slowed down my feet. When he would say “Rooti khani hai sahab, bohat bhook lagi hai” (I’m so very starving, need some bread to eat), I pushed the brake of my feet. Standing there, I put my hands in the pocket to give him the money for the food. I gave him some amount. The poor little guy looked at the sum and then looked at me and said, “Khulla la don Sahab?” (Shall I bring the change)

I told him to keep it and then I moved, strolling to frontward.

This is usual whenever I go out. Many a times I had encountered the people who’d not ask for the money and refuse to take it even — all they ask is the food to eat. The unusual thing that day was the honestness of that poor little fellow who, maybe believing that amount was more than enough for his food, asked me for he shall or shall not bring the change. How simple and honorable of him.

Everytime when it happens that I see people asking for food and money to eat and other things like for medical services, it makes me feel sorry for everything — everything including my existence, our existence.

True is the fact that our morality which covers the basic part of humanity has become a secondary thing today. Sometimes back, mid of last year, when 3 million IDP’s were desperately seeking to get the attention of nation, Pakistan, for some basic facilities of life, simultaneously a project named “Green Karachi” was approved in the president house. The budget allocated to the project was 22 billion rupees. During that time I raised my point of dissent. The reason to dissent, if anyone again wants to know, could be described with a brief example: If your garden needs attention whilst in your house you’ve a sick child, what is your first priority?

My point of dissent definitely doesn’t mean that we shall abandon the progression in the country. But then, we strictly need to set the priorities, wisely. And who should argue on it that humanity shouldn’t be a primary thing?

That kid, whose unusual answer startled me, and all the likes of him who’re in millions actually, popped in my mind while I was reading another news which startled me. Does anyone know it’ll cost Pakistan Rs. 8 billion to change the name of NWFP to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Yes, that’s true.

No offense meant to any of the avid supporter of the new name. But what’s more important, I ask: the reduction of poverty and to supply food to those impoverished people desperately yearning to have at least one bite of bread before going to sleep at night — or the name change of province? During the time of such distress and desperate strait when Pakistan is suffering from hellishly massive budgetary difficulties and other day-to-day financial problems, my moral understandings doesn’t allow me to strand the impoverished and approve the name change project costing Rs. 8 billion.

What more big and fat is the hypocritical fact that we call ourselves an Islamic nation — “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan. How about that real Islam when Hazrat Omar RA said: I’m responsible for the death of even a dog who dies of hunger at the bank of river Nile.

This isn’t the case with Pakistan today. So shall we call it a “Republic of Selfish Pakistan”?

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