Pakistani Team Hanging Between Failures & Fate

Pakistan Vs South Africa T-20 2010 Super-8 -- Photo Courtesy: CricInfo & AFP

Pakistan Vs South Africa T-20 2010 Super-8 -- Photo Courtesy: CricInfo & AFP

Pakistan being in T-20 Semi-Final is, if anything, a divine umpiring went in our favor once again in the lot of so many agains of the past. First, we nearly lost in the first round and prayed for Australia to defeat Bangladesh so that we could move to Super-8 on the basis of Run Rate. Fortunately, God listened to us and we moved to Super-8 cheerfully — and rarely just so. While moving to the 2nd round of T-20 world cup, we richly hoped that we’ll abandon the irresponsible and reckless team behavior and would perform well, but unfortunately the team didn’t cope well in the Super-8 too; However, yesterday’s match with South Africa could be supposed as a little energetic that has made me think again about the banner which was waved by a Pakistani supporter the other day in the pavilion that read: “The team is unpredictable and unreliable, but mostly unpredictable.” But what are the reasons that we’re oft said to be “unpredictable”, yet by the “commentators” apart from the Pakistanis? Why is there too much lack of consistency in the team’s performance?

The politics and the likes of other sleazy factors within the team is said to have been destroying the team for a long time now and that has left the performance of team in the hands of sheer fate — that whatever God will decide, it shall be that way. It’s my opinion that even if we win or lose the T-20, the reckless and devil-may-care gameplay shouldn’t be tolerated by the board as well as the people of Pakistan. I reiterate again, even if we win the T-20 — and I pray we win — we shalln’t tolerate the vicissitudes that occur in the team’s performance perennially. We yet shouldn’t forget the report lately leaked out by the Pakistan Cricket Board about the Pakistan’s humiliating defeat in Australia last season. The report again speaks loud about the factors leading the team to the extreme state of limbo. In any case, I’m emphatic of it that the issues, that has contaminated the performance of our team, need to be addressed in a more serious way than ever. For the better and acceptable performance of the team in the future, this is indispensable. And must we understand the crux that unless the issues affecting the team’s performance aren’t addressed and rectified accordingly, we’ll always keep on hanging between the failures and the fate. It’s high time to put a pause on the gambling on fate. Win or lose, I think one mustn’t make it a primary concern of today particularly.

On top of that, I’m in no favor of fulminating and bashing the team over the media inasmuch as this heightens the pressure on the team; this way team couldn’t fare well by and large, neither a national-bashing campaign could change the performance of the team to good or satisfactory. C’mon. that’s just a game, don’t pretend to be a Momus in this case. Criticizing lightly and positively would just suffice.

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