The Summer Vacations And Nostalgia

Summer Vacation -- Kids Planning What To Do In The Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation -- Kids Planning What To Do In The Summer Vacation

I can’t believe time has flied too quickly. It really flies as none of us is able to control it. When I see myself grown up to this age, I’m sometimes unable to believe. Nowadays, when I’m seeing kids planning big time for their summer vacations, it is reminding me of my old days — the time when I was a school-goer. We used to be so excited about the summer vacations that we would start planning things days before the commencement of vacations. The last day of school — before the summer vacations — used to be a little melancholic. Friends used to shake hands and hug each other as though the departing is forever. But that was love. That was a literal and cunning demonstration of an excellent friendship. I can recall it very well, before departing the exchanging of landline numbers used to be yet another common practice. Despite that I used to have phone numbers of my classmates, I would go on reconfirming their numbers from them — reading their numbers to them from a diary I kept once. Unfortunately, that diary is now gone missing somewhere.

I remember getting loads of homework, loads of mathematics exercises to do, loads of writing stuff including the essays etc. I assume this particular essay as a homework was commonly given to every school-vacationer: “How did you spend your summer vacations?” The end-all of the summer vacations for all students, including myself, was to enjoy to its apex. All things we had planned days before vacations started to become a dream of open-eyes that continuously struggle to reach to the roots of real happiness throughout the two months of vacations period.

Note: Recently Children Seldom Play Outdoor in Mid-Summer

Note: Recently Children Seldom Play Outdoor in Mid-Summer

I remember how the little things as spare time activities were precious to us. It included playing on Sega and Nintendo, playing cricket during scorchers, or to watch the PTV and STN dramas during the evening, and late night teleplays on weekends. The Urdu-dubbed cartoons like Ninja Turtles, Camp Candy, Thunder cats etc. were of phenomenal importance to every one of us who grew up in the time then. To get injured during the cricket fielding or while taking the runs was my habitual practice. I can successfully stake the claim that many of us, during the summer vacations, used to be hyperactive. Perhaps that was the time we had feelings that tomorrow may never come, or tomorrow we may have to spend more time on the vacations homework, so let’s take advantage of the moments of present and gather all the happiness for today like no other day of the past. In those days, maybe we had just a little idea that the blitheness and liveliness regarding the then ongoing affairs will be so affectionately preserved by us in the later days of life.

Watching the school-goers of today, it has made me reminisce my time — my summer vacations so nostalgically. I remember I used to buy loads of novels to read during the summer vacations. To add, I was crazy after detective and mystery novels — always asking my parents to buy me more and more. At times when I would get no ‘more’ new novels, then I would have to re-read the ones I’ve already read. To be sure, it used to be same fun to me, and often it felt that I’m reading a new novel, despite that I had already read it in times past.

It was a time when peace prevailed comprehensively. Most, if not all, of the vacation-enjoyers were the little devils who enjoyed participating in every sort of monkey business, for example: ringing the bells as though to bug the people for fun, and then running amok out of fear of getting caught or getting seen by anyone around (Well, let me confess that I used to do this too. Even after leaving the school I’ve been involved in such a monkey business. It’s fun to be young sometimes. But now it’s long since I rang the bell and ran amok); plucking the fruits (if neighbors have any fruit-tree) by throwing pebbles or sometimes even the slippers. Per chance, if one slipper got stuck, we would take a risk of throwing another, but this time not with the intention of catching the fruit, instead to rescue the stuck slipper; playing hide and seek and jumping off from one roof top to the neighbor’s roof top. There was a huge variety of mischievous activities and stupid-funny pranks during those days which we used to practice often. And often I had been grounded by parents as though in punishment after getting caught doing things which were prohibited by parents.

The peace of those days — from the eyes and sayings of many of us who grew up in 80’s and 90’s — can’t be seen or felt today. Many, grew up in those days, say that the old and venerable peace is lost. I ascertain that too. I think each generation and the time period of growing up has its doozy distinction from another. We, the ones who grew up in 80’s and 90’s, grew up in a time when society was cultivating in whatever way peaceful, but it made our age group profoundly engulfed in that time; hence, we often say our time was great. For today’s generation, they’re getting engulfed in a time and age when society is cultivating in a different way; hence, they feel in their own way that their time is great than the former generation or time period in which their older cousins or siblings grew up. It’s a natural thought many a times. I believe that whatever the time and whatever the generation it is for youngsters like school-goers, they always find peace and contentedness in their life in their own doozy way. Particularly in the case of these youngsters and school-goers, such sort of peace, contentedness and charm is purely relative to the young age.

By God, I’m intensely nostalgic now!

3 Responses to The Summer Vacations And Nostalgia

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  2. Fatima says:

    Excellent article. It abridged the distances between my past and pressnt, seriously. And while I was reading this article, I was lost in my childhood.

    Good work, keep it up 🙂

  3. Afatqiamat says:

    dil-e-weeran hey , teyri yaad hey tanhai hey
    Zindagi dard key hathoon meen simat ayee hey…

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