FIFA World Cup Fever

Spain's defender Joan Capdevila celebrates as the ball slips past Germany's goalkeeper in Wednesday's World Cup semifinal match. Diplomats and staff had gathered in a viewing area at U.N. headquarters in New York City to watch Spain beat Germany. Photo Courtesy: CNN

For almost a month now the FIFA world cup fever is quite high all across the globe. But it is about to over tomorrow, the 11th July 2010, with the final match happening between Spain and Holland. During the FIFA 2010 world cup, not even the United Nations has able to save itself from this intensive FIFA fever.

The CNN news report says:

The world stops for the World Cup, and the United Nations is no exception.

Diplomats and staffers gathered Wednesday in a small viewing area at U.N. headquarters in New York City to watch Spain beat Germany in a World Cup semifinal match, earning the right to face The Netherlands in Sunday’s championship.

For almost a month, World Cup viewing has become a staple of U.N. life.

Watching the game at the United Nations required multitasking ability. During breaks in play, men and women in suits checked their BlackBerrys, but when a goal was scored, the audience was on its feet, yelling and slapping hands as if they were at the stadium.

In a personal manner , the world cup has become more like wearisome after Brazil lost to Holland in a Quarter Final match. I’ve been supporting Brazil in all world cups since 1994, and the losing of yellows-turned-blues that day saddened me a lot.

In any case, I could bear a victory of any team but Deutschland and Dutch.

Let’s see how and who lifts the world cup trophy tomorrow and inscribes its name in the book of FIFA champions. I believe to see see Spain winning. Paul the Psychic Octopus has also predicted that Spain will be the 2010 World Cup champions. If Spain loses, it may help to settle some of the Germans resentment against Paul the Psychic Octopus. Time will tell who is going to be victorious. However, warm wishes to Spain from my side.

2 Responses to FIFA World Cup Fever

  1. Asim says:

    I have checked this earlies…Khush REH

    If Octupus prediction’s win then I guess the Aamil Babas in PK will use it to make people fool here with new way

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