Tolerance In Politics

The war of words between MQM and PML-N is brewing in again. Interesting it would be to see if either of them make a coalition government sometime in future. Much possible — for the sake of de facto national interest and not-so-applicable-and-appreciable democracy.

Altaf has called PML-N for the debate regarding the allegations levelled by PML-N leaders against MQM. PML-N has accepted it. But where should the debate be held if Zaeem Qadri of PML-N also intends to participate? Zaeem Qadri can’t step in Karachi as he’s being threatened, live, by MQM’s Mustafa Kamal for the reason that  Zaeem Qadri uttered blasphemous words against the holy revolutionist Quaid-e-Tehreek Janab Altaf Hussain Bhai. Strictly intolerable and unforgivable by any “Saathi”!

In Pakistan 24/7 the subject of discussion amongst the youth and on the media is that of bringing the revolution and changing the country’s direction towards progression, and between all that the much forsaken issue is that of “morality”, whether it be about corruption, lavishness of MNA’s/MPA’s or personal behavior. Between all this schemozzle regarding Pakistani politics, how much emotions, corruption and lavishness is too much bad? The quantity of every bit of it is always hinged upon personal discretion derived by loyalty and support for the affiliated political party.  Retaliatory politics, yet by means of abuses and insults and also by means of emotions, is as much a practicing trait as the musing on the revolution in Pakistan. With such a  burden of hypocrisy we are on for an impossible change in Pakistan.

Last year during the Arts Council exhibition in Karachi, some Jiyalas’s destructive frenzy was unleashed upon the Arts Council. Property was destroyed, banners were torn down and filthy abuse was hurled at the organisers and the visitors. The reason was just that one of the artworks of late Benazir Bhutto offended some of the visiting Jiyalas there. Then it was, by many, described as a terror by intolerant Jiyalas. MQM “saathis”, rather unofficially, condemned such a sheer bigotry. What about now, Mustafa Kamal and Saathis, I ask?

The purpose is not just to criticize MQM and letting go off Zaeem Qadri of PML-N from all charges of provocation or amorality. But the fact is that when a political party that claims itself the most educated political party of Pakistan cannot put a pause on its tongue and emotions despite provocation, then it fails to authenticate the superb education it takes pride in. Difference between the alleged feudal-laden and self-claimed most educated political party of Pakistan should be prominent, distinguished by tolerance and fine behavior.

When a kid abuses or badmouths someone, observers largely say: “Must have been taught by parents.” But when political leaders abuse or badmouth against their opponents, I’d say: “Must have been taught by their party chiefs.”

I say, you think! Please!

Shameful — Zaeem Qadri of PML-N vs Mustafa Kamal of MQM:

Full Episode: Watch here

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