Three Questions From Imran Khan

I have, as yet, three questions from Imran Khan that I hope will be asked from him in the upcoming episode of “Ikhtilaaf” with Wajahat S Khan. These questions are of prime concern of mine.

1) Once he becomes the premier, will he be able to bring the army under strong civilian-government control? Army is not/has never been under strong civilian control, we all know that!



2) Will he be able to cut down the defence budget and increase the education budget instead?



3) Based on his party’s name (Tehreek-e-Insaaf), does he agree that the true essence of justice is that everyone is accountable to the court? If he agrees to it then will he be looking forward to abolish the article 248 of the constitution which gives immunity to premier, president, federal ministers and governors?

One Response to Three Questions From Imran Khan

  1. Asif Ali says:

    I believe these are very fair and justifiable questions from Absar and I believe that IMRAN is not gonna do this, as he himself represents the P-Establishment & Army goons.

    What justice is being served to the people of Pakistan when they keep 15 billion for Education, 14 billion for Health while 441 billion is kept for the Army???

    BTW Pakistan is facing internal threat and not any external threat, if we are stronger from within nobody will even try to look at us. If the Army was to have anything to do with internal security, we wouldn’t have lost East Pakistan.

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