Morale of 1999 and 2011

Dear Afridi: You don’t need to be sorry! You led the Green Team during a time when nation lost hope right after spot fixing allegations; You led the segregated team & united it once again and made it ready for the world cup, followed through the Group Matches and Quarter-Final and reached the Semi-Final, and not only that you also united the nation under one flag for one cause which wasn’t the winning of world cup alone but also to show the world that Greens despite not being favorites had the potential to be in Semis. Love you, Team Afridi!

Unlike the loss of 1999 world cup to Australia when the morale of every single Pakistani slashed to a greater extent this time the morale of nation Pakistan has soared up like anything despite the loss. At least that is what I have experienced so far. And this is a good thing. Because eventually what matters is going beyond the expectations of millions and reaching to a point, in this case the Semi-Final, which no one genuinely hoped for —  apart from the motivation led by sheer patriotism!

Pakistan Zindabad ~

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