Social Reforms & Teachings of Prophet: Treatment Towards Women/Wife

Akbar Salahuddin Ahmed defines this event in his book “Discovering Islam – Making Sense of Muslim History and Society”:

The Prophet’s kindness to women forms the content of many stories. One concerns his wife, Maria, the Christian Coptic slave girl, sent to him by the head of the Coptic church in Cairo. His attentiveness towards her had provoked his other wives into arguments and bad temper. They made life unbearable for him. In protest he withdrew from them for a month, sleeping on the floor of a small, mud store-room and refusing to see anyone. Umar ibn Khattab, when he finally succeeded in seeing him, broke into a cry of anguish, threatening to cut off his own daughter’s head for having brought the Prophet to this point. But by now the women had learnt a lesson. They promised there would be harmony in the home if he came back. Another man in those times and in that society would have been excused for taking the cane to his wives.



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