This Is How I Cook Haleem

For 6-8 people:

500 grams gandum
30-50 grams (or 1 cup) Masoor ki daal (Red lentils)
1.25 or 1.50 kg boneless chicken/beef (your choice)
3-4 medium sized onion
1 packet of shaan masala
1 ginger
2-3 lemons

In 16 cups of boiling water put the gandum and red lentils. Boil them for at least 3 hours. 4 hours would be good though. Keep stirring the pot time to time, or gandum paste will get stuck at the bottom. After 3-4 hours let it get cool down. Use a hand blender to crush the thick paste of gandum and masoor daal in the pot. Blender usage is on your discretion that how long you want to use it, and how finely you want to crush the gandum. I blend for at least 10 minutes with few gaps in between.

During this time in another pot put a half to quarter cup oil and fry the meat for 5-8 minutes under moderate flame. Once you see the meat is fried, empty the shaan haleem masal packet in the pot. If you want haleem a little spicy, use full packet. if  you want moderate, use quarter packet.

Now fry meat and masala together for 10-15 minutes. Keep on stirring the pot otherwise masala or meat will stick to the bottom, or in other words will burn. Once the meat and masala are fried together for 10-15 minutes, pour 6-7 glass of water in the pot and cover the top. Leave it for 20-25 minutes till the meat and masala are mixed with water and oil appear at the upper surface.

This done. Now pour the pot containing meat masala stuff in the pot of gandum and masoor. Cook it for at least 1 hour to 75 minutes so that the masala is finely mixed with haleem. You also have to keep stirring the pot time to time to get it mixed finely and to avoid the sticking at the bottom.

Meanwhile, chop onion, chop in small pieces, fry it in frying pan till till it gets brown color.

Make thick slice of ginger.

2-3 lemons

Serve it.

This is how I cook Haleem.


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