Equality in Education

The burning of hundreds of Christian houses in Badami Bagh in Lahore on account of so-called blasphemy committed by an individual — innocent until proven guilty — engulfs whole nation with horror. The festive faces of the miscreants, sadly many of them teenagers and precious youth of trembling nation, should serve as a rude awakening to the educated people of Pakistan as well as the government about the need for quality education on “equality” basis. An educated man is less likely to fall into the trap of extremist thoughts and acts.

All the pre-emptive measures taken by government so far have turned out to be penny in the fusebox. The best and only measure in this grim situation which we can surely afford if we put a good thought and planning to it is education. The seeds of education we will plant will take sometime to bear the fruits.

One way or the other, we, as a nation are responsible for our acts collectively, even of those committed by individuals.

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