Different Narrations On The History of Pashtuns

An English historian and linguist writes that, Jews were known to be quite a “stubborn” race. He, however, rejects the notion that Pashtuns were the lost tribe (Benjamin tribe) of Israel based on the assumption that why would the Jews prefer a wandering life in mountainous country (Afghanistan) rather than Kingdom of Heaven (Israel). Nonetheless, he raises the idea that maybe because the Persian King Cyrus the Great who reigned in 500 BC, and was known to have a habit of transporting people here and there, transported those extensively “stubborn” and troublesome Jews far from Israel to the plains of Persia now known as Afghanistan. And from there rose the Pashtuns. (Refernece: The Pathans: 550 B.C.-A.D. 1957. Pages: 24-27)

This theory of Pashtuns stemming from the Benjamin tribe of Israel has directly come from the research book entitled “Makhzan-e-Afghani” which was written by Niamat Ullah Harvi in 1612 AD who was a scholar at Jahangir court. Many orientalists, both eastern and western, have quoted and critically evaluated this research. Besides its acceptance, Sir Percy Sykes in his book “The History of Afghanistan” was against this theory for instance. Another English orientalist George Tate was against this theory too in his book “The Kingdom of Afghanistan”. 

If anything, there is another book that I don’t remember now, but I have read it, does, however, argue that in all the claims being made by different races about being one of the lost tribes of Israel, apparently the Pashtuns have the strongest ‘claim’.

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