The Best Person

Sitting in a park on the grass, soul searching, I saw an old woman, seemed like a labour, a maid perhaps, came walking down. She sat a few feet away from me. A cat followed her. While she sat down on grass with a plastic bag in her hand, the cat came close to her and meowed. The poor old woman, who appeared tired and lethargic, opened her plastic bag. I watched closely without any special concern. Cat meowed again and repeatedly. The old woman took out some pieces of bread and meat curry from small and separate plastic bags. She gave a small piece of bread and two pieces of meat and bones to the cat, saying “chal tu kha le pehle” (Okay, you may eat first).

The look on the face of that old woman was, if anything, perfectly innocent. While the cat struggled with the meat and bones, she kept watching her with an strange interest; whereas I watched them both with fascination. The two pieces of meat and bones were probably not enough to fill the appetite of the cat. Yet she ate and moved forward, sat around a small tree close by, and watched the old woman who was now beginning to prepare for her turn of feasting. Perhaps the cat knew she was not supposed to eat all the food and leaving nothing for the starving poor woman.

The cat had more than just amazing instincts, perhaps. But more importantly, the old woman was one of the best human-woman on earth.

You feed before you eat; and you feed the animal first.

Today I had enough on the first day of soul searching.

One Response to The Best Person

  1. Tanveer Rauf says:

    this world exists still because of such great human beings like that old lady. She was not an ordinary being but an upright humane human. Thank you Absar for sharing, enlightening our soul. May you recover completely

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