The Summit

I bowed before Lord God

In the hope of finding him

And maybe to appease him too

But then I heard the Lord God say

Bowing is what most people do

But not all can find me

And if you must find me

Seek in your heart

And there I exist

But only for those who seek me

With faith

And not for those who squander only to find me

With broken or no faith

And forget that I say I am up close

Then I replied to God

If I can find you, how others can’t

And the God said again

When I say I am close

Closed as your jugular vein

It takes only a leap of faith

To trust that I really am

And there I am when you trust that

And you shall find me, inside, when you hold to that trust

So I stood up

And said to the Lord God

I trust you, I trust you

And so my heart shone with light.

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