When I Am No More

When I’m no more
When I’m finished
I will still be there
Not as a memory
As In someone else’s mind
Deep under six feet
I will be there
In ashes
And above it
There might be a tombstone
With my name on It
So I will be there
Just like that
And people might just say
Who was he?
Because I will leave no memory
That’s all I wish
That’s all I wish
That it could happen
That I be forgotten
As if I were never there
For they don’t know
Who really I am
I’m what they say
A scum
A waste
A veiled-hypocrite
But truly
God resides in me
And I haven’t lost faith
But my sins are enormous
And so
I don’t want people to remember
As I am gone
They will know It all
Some day
One day
And I couldn’t stand
With the idea of
What will come
To people’s knowing
When I’m not around
Forgive me, Lord!
Forgive me, Lord!
Or erase my existence
As if I were never a being
Never were born.

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