Conversation Between Self and Soul — IV

A: It’s not the first time you’ve been cheated, is it?
B: No. Certainly!
A: Then why do you bother? I am sure it’s not about the money you lost.
B: Sure it’s not about the money.
A: Regardless, I do know what it is about that saddens you. But I still want to hear.
B: People often deceive others. But it feels too much when someone who touches your heart tend to deceive you.
A: Exactly. But we have all kinds of people in the world. Why keep it too much inside?
B: There’s a reason: we’re too busy saving our skins and accumulating wealth through cheat that we have forgotten about hereafter entirely.
A: That’s right, sir. No extension on this thought. First, we live to cheat. And then, we cheat to live. Either ways, were doomed!
B: Sighs!
~ Excerpt from the “Conversation between self and soul”

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